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Oil and grease spots on concrete, asphalt, and other paved surfaces pose both environmental and safety hazards. The powerful combination of high heat pressure cleaners and specially formulated degreasers can battle even the toughest instances of oil and grease staining.


PressureJet high pressure hot water cleaning washers or PressureJet high pressure with steam washers are the most effect tools for grease removal because of the high heat involved. Water temperatures above 180 degrees help lift oil from the surface. High heat also increases the ability of chemical solutions to dissolve and emulsify grease and oil so it can then be flushed from the surface.


The force with which water is pushed through a restrictive nozzle gives pressure washers their effective cleaning power. The sheer power of pressure washing allows cold water to remove dirt, debris, and other organic stains from many surfaces, but oil and grease removal requires high heat as well. Without the application of extremely high heat, oil clings tenaciously to surfaces, and degreasers have little chance of dissolving or emulsifying grease at all. Only after oil and grease are released from the surface can degreasers go to work lifting and removing remaining contaminants. Depending on the type of surface cleaner you can use the pressure between 1000 and 4000 psi. Keep in mind, PressureJet high pressure washers with higher liters per minute output will achieve the faster cleaning times.


The combination of hot water pressure washing with an alkaline degreasing solution is one method of grease removal. Steam high pressure washers are another very effective option. These specially designed washers use the power of steam expansion to force water through the cleaner’s nozzle at near boiling temperatures. Steam expansion also increases the velocity of the water being propelled. Specially designed steam cleaning nozzles further harness the energy of steam vapor for superior oil and grease removal.


Safety precautions must be taken when using any PressureJet high pressure washer, but the high heat and hazardous nature of the chemicals involved in grease removal demand extra caution and considerable practice to avoid injury.

Quick Model selection chart of Grease Removal
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