Not getting flow-rate & pressure


S.N. Trouble Cause Remedy Remarks
Low Pressure, Adequate Flow
Worn, Incorrect, No Spray Nozzle
  Replace with Correct Spray Nozzle
Lance on Low Pressure Setting
  Adjust Lance on correct pressure.
Unloader / Pressure Regulating Valve Improperly Adjusted
  Adjust Unloader / Pressure Regulating Valve properly
Pressure Gauge Inaccurate or Broken
  Replace Pressure Gauge
Worn Pump Packing
  Replace Pump Packing
No fluid
No Power to the Pump
  ON the Power switch
Clogged Spray Nozzle
  Unclog Spray Nozzle
Clogged Inlet Filter
  Unclog Inlet Filter
Faulty Unloader
  Replace the Unloader
Pinched or Clogged Inlet Hose
  Unclog the Inlet Hose
Inlet Valve(s) Not Open
  Open the Inlet Valve
Low Pressure, Low Flow
Volume Improperly Adjusted
  Properly Adjust Volume
Drive Belts Loose
  Tighten Drive Belts
Defective Easy Start Valve
  Replace Easy Start Valve
Low Pressure, Very Low Flow
Outlet Restriction
  Remove restriction
Clogged Nozzle
  Unclog the Nozzle
Restriction in the High Pressure Hose
  Remove restriction
Debris in the System
  Remove debris
Clogged Inlet Hose or Filter
  Unclog the hose or filter
Faulty Pressure Gauge
  Replace Pressure Gauge
Excessive Pressure
Unloader/Regulator Improperly Adjusted
  Properly adjust Unloader/Regulator
Faulty Unloader / Regulator
  Replace Unloader / Regulator
Spray Nozzle Too Small
  Use proper Spray Nozzle
Pump runs, but produces no flow
Pump is not primed.
Flood suction then restart pump