Pressure washer PB series



Electric pressure power washers equipment systems are designed with the wide range of pressure and flow rate. They can be used for light, medium and heavy-duty jobs. They are quite and easy to use. Simply attach a water hose, add a detergent and plug it into the electrical outlet. The only limitation is that they can be used where electric power source is available. Nevertheless, since they don't have a gasoline tank you can use them and store them indoors without worrying about the fire hazard. The advantage over other types is that they are very economical to operate and are traditionally less expensive. In our selection you will find from smallest to largest, cold or hot water units.

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Model SPM Flow rate (lpm) Max. rated pressure-kg/cm2 (motor-hp)
PB 18 950 28 480(40) 400(30) 330(25) 270(20)
730 22 480(30) 400(25) 330(20) -
PB 20 950 35 390(40) 325(30) 270(25) 210(20)
730 27 - - - 210(15)
PB 22 950 43 320(40) 260(30) 220(25) 170(20)
PB 25 950 55 240(40) 205(30) 170(25) 135(20)