Uniform Policy

With the changing scenario we have always maintained the pace and now giving the workshop a new look through proper housekeeping and maintenance the organization. The company has decided to start uniforms for some staff members maintain neat, clean and hygienic environment. We expect that it’s a matter of unity /brand & responsibility with the logo on the uniform.

  • 3 pairs of uniforms will be given to the employees
  • All will come on duty in uniform from their residence only.
  • The employee himself will be responsible for cleaning and dressing of the uniform.
  • Employees coming on duty without uniform will have to pay Rs.25 as fine to the company.
  • Wear and tear due to mishandling or theft / lost, is employees’ responsibility and will be borne by the employee. He will make arrangement for the same kind of uniform on his own cost.
  • The wear and tear guarantee for the uniform is minimum 2 years.
  • Incase, wear and tear arises before 2 years due to the quality of the material and having faced common problem for all employees, company will arrange for the alternative.
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