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Causal leave (CL) is not mandatory govt. law. However, management appreciate that whenever it is needed all responsible employees give their time more than their duty hours which is not possible to compensate on every such occasion. Therefore, management has introduced 7 (seven) CL. Following is the terms & conditions for the CL.

  • It is not mandatory to inform in advance to avail CL. However, as soon as you plan your CL, immediately inform your hierarchy / concern person otherwise it will not be treated as CL.
  • Minimum 1/2 and maximum 2 CL will be granted.
  • 1 CL is being given on every 40 working days presence subject to minimum 240 working days presence in 1 year.
  • If someone does not complete his / her one year in the office, he / she is not entitle for CL. This is irrespective of resignation / termination.
  • CL cannot be consider against medical reason even in case of requirement of more than 2 such leaves. In other words, medical reason up to 2 days can be entertained as CL but not more than 2. In other words, someone is sick for more than 2 days, he / she may not be entitle for CL. Here, decision can be taken to provide CL based on extra mileage.
  • CL is applicable once probation period is over.
  • CL is being granted against the actual enough presence i.e. 40 day’s presence for 1 CL.
  • In any circumstances, more than 2 CL will not be granted in one month.
  • CL cannot be encashed.
  • Once you enjoy the CL, it is mandatory to fill up the form and give it at reception or account dept. (Pl. confirm with HR Dept.) on or before the last date of the month to get an effect in the salary.
  • CL is not considered as Presence while calculating 240 days presence in a year.
  • To sanction CL is absolutely management’s discrimination. OR, Rights are reserved with management whether to sanction CL or not?
  • CL is considered as Presence while calculating 240 days presence in a year.


PL is a government rule and company has to follow.


Terms & Conditions

  • Employee is entitle to take PL subject to minimum presence of 240 days in a year.
  • From 1st Jan. to 31st December, is being considered to calculate PL account.
  • PL is provided every 20 days presence but someone’s presence is 279 days from 1st Jan. to 31st December, he / she is being given 13 PL not 13.96 or 14. Because as per rule, PL is being given on the presence of 20 full days, not 19 days.
  • As per government rule, one has to inform about his / her leave 21 days in advance and he / she has to apply for minimum 3 days. Management find it difficult to follow this rule for the employee and that is why this rule is diluted / liberalized by the management. Now, one should inform / apply 10 days in advance and apply minimum for 1 PL.
  • One can apply maximum any no. of PL. However, PL sanction is absolutely management’s discrimination.
  • PL can be cancelled at any time by the management.
  • One is eligible for the PL even during the probation period subject to confirmation.
  • PL is considered as Presence while calculating 240 days presence in a year.


The Company shall observe maximum thirteen (13) holidays in any calendar year as declared. Out of thirteen (13) holidays six (06) will be paid holidays (against the govt. rule for 2.) and rest of seven will be adjustable (refer holiday list) against the weekly off.


The list of holiday to be observed in the next calendar year shall be released in the third week of december of every calendar year. There can be different holidays for different branches and regions.


The number of holidays so declared shall not be increased or decreased during the year for any reason whatsoever. However, the rights are reserved to change or increase or decrease the holidays while declaring every year.


Provided however that if it is felt that working of the offices and factory is likely to be hampered on account of Bandh, General Strike, Power Cut, Rasta Roko etc. intimation of which has been received in advance. The management may change any holiday to fall on such day and declare earlier holiday to be a working with notice by evening, prior to the day to be observed as holiday and such change shall not be deemed to be changed, this being condition of service.



The leaves are calculated according to the calendar year i.e. January – December, and the encashment is being made in the month of April, every year.


The PL encashment is given to the employee after one year of the service or in the month of April whichever comes first. For e.g. an employee joining the organization in the month of January is also entitled to get the leave benefit in the April month of that particular year.


For e.g. salary bifurcation of an employee those paid Basic + Allowance


Basic 8000
HRA 2000
Conv. 1500
Helper All. 1500
Edu. All. 100
Total 13100


In such case only the basic salary (Rs.8000) will be considered as base and leave will be paid on that particular amount (basic salary).


For e.g. salary bifurcation of an employee paid Basic + Others




In such case, leaves will be calculated on the Basic (Rs.2300) only.
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