Equipments usage policy

Equipments usage policy


Each employee is responsible for maintaining cleanliness on his personal computer. To maintain this, the computers and printers need to be covered after the use. The employee should make sure that the computers are properly shut down and are covered. Negligence in such act is highly shameful and here we do not want to declare any penalty or punishment as we would not like to make this training


Printers are not to be used for personal prints, because misuse of such act may create a loss to the organization. If an employee has some urgent requirement he may ask permission from his hierarchy and do if the permission is granted. Before leaving the office for the day, kindly make sure the printer is switched off.


Proper use & misuse there is no discrepancy. If the need arise to take any personal print/Xerox please take permission of your HOD. In case of emergency, please don't shy and use the equipment with the permission of HOD. It becomes a case of accountability and it is not the management intension to restrict for every general usage of equipment.


Telephones are intended for the use of serving our customers and in conducting the company's business.

Personal usage of the telephone is discouraged except for extreme emergency or very important work. All personal telephone calls should be kept brief to avoid congestion on the telephone line. In case, if you need to make any personal calls, you require giving the number to reception and the call will be connected through reception center only.

To respect the rights of all employees, their personal calls are being entertained, however they should inform family members and friends to limit personal telephone calls during working hours.

The telephone expense being considerable expense is included in our audit section. Time to time you may be given EPABX report (print) of your extension. Our objective is to check on wrong/unwanted calls to be dialed from your extension. It may be official or personal calls.

You will be sent the report and the same needs to be acknowledged and sent back to general administration department. This report will not be for explanation, but reasons can be specified wherever you feel like. For e.g. if a call lasted for 20 minutes, you only need to mention that you are aware of it or not.


We have installed a telephoned recording system in our company that records all incoming and outgoing calls. The main objective is to guide the communications skill.


Employees are allowed use of the internet and e-mail when necessary to serve our customers and conduct the company's business.

Employees can use the internet when appropriate to access information needed to conduct business of the company. Employees may use e-mail when appropriate for company business correspondence.

Use of the internet must not disrupt operation of the company computer network. In other words, downloads of heavy files and other surfing activity is to be avoided. Use of the Internet must not interfere with an employee's productivity.

Employees who are provided Internet connection should use the facility for the development of the organization and not for utility purpose.

Each employee should be aware that computer in the company are LAN connected and so surfing of any site other than the recommended and informed by the management to the Internet users should not be opened.

If found surfing any other website then the recommended or authorized to use, such incidence will be considered as a matter of serious offence and such issues can lead to termination also. It is also strictly prohibited to open personal e-mail accounts or to send without written consent from the HR Dept.


This is to inform all the staff of company that one cannot use his/her personal email ID for transmitting any mail to any outside agency such as Customer/ Business Associate/ Supplier/ Service provider, etc

Similarly he/she can not use personal mail ID for receiving any mails from outside agency as describe above.

Even in extreme emergency if any such requirement of using personal mail ID occurs, He/She will be requires to take prior written approval from his/her hierarchy. Any deviation in observing this, will be viewed seriously.


Personal mobile are restricted to use during office hours. If you carry your mobile, please keep "SWITCH OFF", (not silent)

You can use company phone for your personal use. However, you will ask "Receptionist" to connect to your desire number.  For incoming there are 2583555598, 25830762, 32453758 incoming numbers also. You may also give your hierarchy's number to  your family members, to meet any emergency communication.