Work place maintenance
  • You should have one yellow cotton cloth for cleaning and it should be cleaned time to time.
  • You will keep following items clean.
  • Monitor & its screen.
  • Computer (cabinet from outside)
  • Your table’s drawers.
  • Paper tray.
  • Your table
  • Table space particularly where you keep your monitor
  • You will see that your chairs, monitor, printer, scanner etc. should have separate cover and you will cover these items everyday before you leave for the day.
  • Many a time, we have that chairs do not have covers or once covers send for washing, they do not come back you will personally take care and get the work done.
  • Cleanliness of office is done by peons, however you are ultimately responsible for your office area.
  • If any cover is not available, you may contact Mr. Dhasharath. He will arrange for you.
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