Policy defination



PressureJet is a goal-oriented organization, which believes in management by objectives. Our prime focus has been to develop an organization.

Policy is the decision taken by the higher authority, in the major interest to benefit the entire system. Policy does not mean only advantages. The efficiency of any policy does not only depend upon the maker, but followers also play vital role for the success of the implementation of the policy.

We should clearly understand that the policy always its own reparation on and above the advantages. One should not give up following the policy unless he finds more reparation and fewer advantages. Few policies may not be the same for everybody. It varies as per seniority (grade wise).

It is often experienced that some people always sees the reparation of the policy rather than analyzing the great benefits of policy. Therefore such people are responsible for the failure of the policy and henceforth, system as a whole.

In case any employee is disturbed OR expect any relaxation in policy, can always talk to HR department / H. O. D. / in the absence of both M. D. and put in his / her suggestion(s). However, he / she should raise the question considering the company as a whole, not considering an individual.

 Follower of policy is a great team member