Spares - Terms and conditions
Sales Tax


Outside Gujarat : 5 % VAT, if CST Form “C” is not in hands. As Sales Tax laws are changed and Sales Tax Department is very strict, 2% CST can be applicable subject to commitment that the same will be issued against proof of dispatch and / or submission of “Sales Invoice”.


Inside Gujarat 5 % VAT will be charged extra.

  • For material value less than Rs. 5000/- will attract processing fees of Rs. 500/- and material value less than Rs. 15000/-will attract CST @ 5 % instead of 2 %. To issue or to follow up for the CST form ‘C’ for order value less than Rs. 15000/- is neither viable for you not for us.

 Excise Duty


If applicable, will be charged extra @ 8% + E.S @ 3 % on excise.


 Packing & Forwarding


It is not considered in price list. If need, will be charged extra @ 3%




‘To pay’ at actual basis.


& Insurance


Will be arranged and born by you.




100% advance against Proforma invoice




Within 1-2 weeks from the date receipt of advance payment.




Pump and electric motor are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase, against any manufacturing defects. Accessories, parts subjected to wear and tear and rubber parts especially rubber hose does not cover any guarantee.




Normally, this offer is valid for 30 days from the date of the offer. However, this is not the commitment and it may be changed anytime without any notice.


 Procurement of  Accessories


As you have referred, we have listed and furnished the price of each accessory, separately, if you wish, you can buy accessories at your own and we shall provide you necessary information to procure those items.




Negotiable subject to terms & condition and quantity


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