Trial policy at our work

Trial policy at our work

1) The material, which you are sending for trial, should be sent on PAID and DOOR DELIVERY basis only.

Otherwise, we will not take any responsibility to collect this material from transporter.

2) You have to inform transporter LR no. and date after sending the material otherwise store department may refuse to receive this material, assuming the unknown sender.

3) You will be replied for the demo result maximum within 3 working days from the date of receipt of your goods. If result is not being submitted maximum within 3 working days, then our Sales Department will give you the reason for the same.

4) After completion of trial, we expect your confirmation to return the material maximum within 3 days. If it is not possible due to some reason at your end, your written request and our confirmation is essential, otherwise material will be booked on COD basis thru any cargo / transport service on TO PAY basis.

5) Rs. 1000/- will be charged extra as demo charges.

6) After receipt of payment only, trial will be started.

7) We will make debit note for this trial charge. Service tax may not be applicable.

8) In case of event of order, this payment will be reimbursed.