Employee manual

Employee manual



  • 1.1 Policy Defination
  • 1.2 Changes in Policy
  • 1.3 Employment Applications
  • 1.4 Employment Relationship
  • Welcome Letter
  • MD's Message
  • Vision & Mission and Operating Values of the Company
    (Values & it's functionality)


"Employees" Defined


  • 3.1 Non-Discrimination
  • 3.2 Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality
  • 3.3 New Employee Orientation
  • 3.4 Probationary Period for New Employees
  • 3.5 Office Hours
  • 3.6 Time Policy
  • 3.7 Late Coming / Early Going
  • 3.9 Lunch Periods
  • 3.10 Break Periods
  • 3.11 Uniform Policy
  • 3.12 Equipments Usage Policy
  • 3.13 No Gift Policy
  • 3.14 Work Place Maintenance
  • 3.15 Computer Work Policy
  • 3.16 Shoes Policy
  • 3.17 Personnel Files
  • 3.18 Personnel Data Changes
  • 3.19 Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings
  • 3.20 Performance Review and Planning Sessions
  • 3.21 Outside Employment
  • 3.22 Corrective Action
  • 3.23 Employment Termination
  • 3.24 Safety
  • 3.25 Health Related Issues
  • 3.26 Employee Requiring Medical Attention
  • 3.27 Building Security
  • 3.28 Insurance on Personal Effects
  • 3.29 Supplies; Expenditures; Obligating the Company
  • 3.30 Expense Reimbursement
  • 3.31 Parking
  • 3.32 Visitors in the Workplace
  • 3.33 Immigration Law Compliance


  • 4.1 Attendance/Punctuality
  • 4.2 Absence Without Notice
  • 4.3 Harassment, including Sexual Harassment
  • 4.4 Public Image
  • 4.5 Substance Abuse
  • 4.6 Tobacco Products


  • 5.1 Wage or Salary Increases
  • 5.2 Timekeeping
  • 5.3 Overtime
  • 5.4 Paydays
  • 5.5 Loan
  • 5.6 Paid Holiday
  • 5.7 Leaves - Holidays
  • 5.8 Salary Policy


  • 6.1 Educational Assistance
  • 6.2 Training and Professional Development


  • 7.1 Staff Meetings
  • 7.2 Bulletin Boards
  • 7.3 Suggestion Box
  • 7.4 Procedure for Handling Complaints

This Manual is designed to acquaint you with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. and provide you with information about working conditions, benefits, and policies affecting your employment.

The information contained in this Manual applies to all employees of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. Following the policies described in this Manual is considered a condition of continued employment. However, nothing in this Manual alters an employee's status. The contents of this Manual shall not constitute nor be construed as a promise of employment or as a contract between the Company and any of its employees. The Manual is a summary of our policies, which are presented here only as a matter of information.

You are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the provisions of this Manual. Our objective is to provide you with a work environment that is constructive to both personal and professional growth.


What id policy?

PressureJet is a goal-oriented organization, which believes in management by objectives. Our prime focus has been to develop an organization.

Policy is the decision taken by the higher authority, in the major interest to benefit the entire system. Policy does not mean only advantages. The efficiency of any policy does not only depend upon the maker, but followers also play vital role for the success of the implementation of the policy.

We should clearly understand that the policy always its own reparation on and above the advantages. One should not give up following the policy unless he finds more reparation and fewer advantages. Few policies may not be the same for everybody. It varies as per seniority (grade wise).

It is often experienced that some people always sees the reparation of the policy rather than analyzing the great benefits of policy. Therefore such people are responsible for the failure of the policy and henceforth, system as a whole.

In case any employee is disturbed OR expect any relaxation in policy, can always talk to HR department / H. O. D. / in the absence of both M. D. and put in his / her suggestion(s). However, he / she should raise the question considering the company as a whole, not considering an individual.

Follower of policy is a great team member


However, since our business and our organization are subject to change, we reserve the right to interpret, change, suspend, cancel, or dispute with or without notice all or any part of our policies, procedures, and benefits at any time. We will notify all employees of these changes. Changes will be effective on the dates determined by the Company, and after those dates all superseded policies will be null.

No individual supervisor or manager has the authority to change policies at any time. If you are uncertain about any policy or procedure, speak with your direct supervisor.


We rely upon the accuracy of information contained in the employment application and the accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring process and employment. Any misrepresentations, falsifications, or material omissions in any of this information or data may result in exclusion of the individual from further consideration for employment or, if the person has been hired, termination of employment.


You enter into employment voluntarily, and you are free to resign at any time for any reason or no reason. Similarly, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is free to conclude its relationship with any employee at any time for any reason or no reason. Following the probationary period, employees are required to follow the Employment Termination Policy (See Section 3.13).


PressureJet Systems family welcomes you as a family member and would like to extend its all the support to help you in settling yourself with the family.

As every family has its own norms, values, disciplines & guidelines to follow, this manual helps you to understand the same in a more and better fashion. It also helps you to refer any or all of your queries by this manual and ease out your anxieties which at times you might not able to share or ask.

Manual will be more like your friend & advisor to help you and support you in your smooth functioning.

Though all the details and procedures being mentioned by the management in this manual but management is free to make any changes as and when required in the interest of the growth of the company.

Once again wish you all a very warm welcome & looking forward to have a long association.


Congratulations on your being appointed for PressureJet pump and I personally welcome you to this Family.

I have been wondering that how one single person like me can create this small empire but the answer comes is that its my each teammate who has contributed his best in the growth of the organization.

I am a strong follower of pay back for the hard work & dedication one puts in, in his / her life.

When I say this I am not just preaching but I have being acting the same & my initial career to gain the experience M, 0-I have spent the same way & today when I see that part of my life I feel that it was sheer an investment I was making on my own self to grow & ensure that I am become a successful entrepreneur.

What I am trying to share is that at PressureJet people need to put in their dedication, hard work & commitment towards their job & organization, I am more than sure that you will have unlimited growth opportunities available in monetary as well as non monetary terms.

I have been follower of straightforward talk/communication and always insist on the same. Hence I well come all of you to have your communication in our this organization straight & direct rather than converting it into a here & there say.

Once again I welcome you to this new journey of our association which has just begun ……





A company should be self sufficient to grow in the field / business of Triplex Plunger Pump, to be used for cleaning application and Hydro Test Application.


A company may import and Trade, manufacture and export the product as well as diversify into service sector by using our equipment as base which enable company to be in trading, manufacturing, exporting and service sector with the same being used a tool of growth.

Value system:

What is it that we cherish in individuals? What do we look for and what do we nurture, mould and encourage in all our people?

Attitude: Your attitude determines your altitude. Life is what you make it. Always be positive. Keep Looking up. Aim for the stars.

Sense of Ownership: PressureJet is your second family as you spend major of time at the office. Let your words and deeds reflect your sense of ownership and feeling of oneness to this large family. Let your sense of belonging to this company be such that, if you detect a Need anywhere in the organisation, you feel as if it were your responsibility also to meet that.

Initiative: Do not wait for others and don't wait to be told what to do.

Leadership: Lead from the front. A leader has a goal for himself & his team. He is one who can show a path to his team as well, whereas a manager just gets things done. Do NOT manage. Lead.

Decision-Making: Develop the capability to judge situations correctly, come to logical conclusions & move forward. Do not wait for others to take decisions for you. It keeps matters hanging. When you choose to take a decision it has two sides like a coin. So be available if your decision is working or not workable.

Own up responsibility: Accept more responsibility and get more things done, authority will follow. Do NOT expect AUTHORITY and then use it to get things done. It does not work on a long-term basis. Most of the times, people think, "it is not my responsibility or my job". Well, In 99% of such cases, it is Nobody's job and therefore, it is Everybody's job. Own up responsibility. You will mature faster!

Customer Orientation: Customer puts food on your table. So, develop a very strong customer orientation. People have a habit of getting into defending their action. It is very hard to develop a perspective from customer's point of view that is oriented to the bottom line. Before you start making a statement in your defense or otherwise, please always ask: " does the customer care about this?"

Proper Communication: Most of the problems in the world are wrong to bad communication, so develop strong and proper communication skills. Be direct, forthright and to the point. People have a habit of going off the track in a conversation. Focus. Stay to the point. Be brief and accurate. Verbal and written English communication skills are deplorable.

What you express in not communication but what other person understands is communication. So always make it a point to check with the other person what he/she has understood from your communication.

Be transparent and honest: Shoot straight. Do not have hidden agendas.

Focus: When you are trying to achieve your objective and goal your all the efforts should be towards the completion of the same without getting disturbed or sidetrack.

Eg.: When Arjun says to Dronacharya that he is seeing only the eyes of a bird for hunting the bird. That's what focus is.

Ask questions: Most people shy away from asking questions. When they do that, they are lowering their productivity and efficiency. But at the same time, do not seek help every hour on your technical assignments. This will weaken you and will not develop your technical abilities to come out with sound designs and applications.

Team Effort: If team wins, you win. If team loses, you lose!! So, be an excellent team player and contribute to the team's success. In any team there ill be different kind of team players and some of them might be average performer, so don't compare yourself with them and bring your standards down. Infact help such members to improve their performance.

Develop Yourself: You decide what is your potential and how fast and in which area you want to develop yourself. We will not put artificial barriers in your path.

Problems are Opportunities In Disguise: Do not shy away from problems. Face the music. Look for potential in problems. Be confident enough to point out problems before they go out of control. However use your judgment to discern between a general & genuine problem and your personal problem.

Don't Give up: Quitters never win, Winners never quit. Be a winner. Always keep faith and continue giving your best performance. The success will follow.

At PressureJet we believe in long term growth so your not giving up will help you to grow in the long run.


The birth of an entrepreneur has happened way back in 1990 when Mr. Vishal Shah with an entrepreneurial spirit started his career in the engineering field.

Having a stint of 6 years and getting hands on experience of all the roles to be fulfilled by new generation leader, he initiated this unit in 1996.

The birth took place with a vision, passion & high amount of confidence without a tacking financial support from his family along with 4 people team.

In a short span of 9 years the organization has grown up very well with different milestones in its journey whereas it has well equipped Infrastructure & focused business strategy for the growth in coming years.

The present team size has reached to 35 & it's growing phenomenally well.


"Employees" defined

An "employee" of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a person who regularly works for PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. on a wage or salary basis. "Employees" may include exempt, non-exempt, regular full-time, regular part-time, and temporary persons, and others employed with the Company who are subject to the control and direction of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. in the performance of their duties.


Employees whose positions meet specific criteria established by the Labor Law and who are exempt from overtime pay requirements.


Employees whose positions do not meet Labour Law criteria and who are paid one and one-half their regular rate of pay for hours worked in excess.

Regular full-time

Employees who have completed the [180 working days] probationary period and who are regularly scheduled to work [8] or more hours per day. Generally, they are eligible for the Company's benefit package, subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of each benefit program.

Regular part-time

Employees who have completed the [180 working day] probationary period and who are regularly scheduled to work less than [8] hours per day. [Regular part-time employees are eligible for some benefits sponsored by the Company, subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations of each benefit program.]

Temporary(full time of part-time)

Those whose performance is being evaluated to determine whether further employment in a specific position or with the Company is appropriate or individuals who are hired as interim replacements to assist in the completion of a specific project or for vacation relief. Employment beyond any initially stated period does not in any way imply a change in employment status. Temporary employees retain that status until they are notified of a change. They are not eligible for any of the Company's benefit programs.

Probationary period for new employees

A new employee whose performance is being evaluated to determine whether further employment in a specific position or with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is appropriate. When an employee completes the probationary period, the employee will be notified of his/her new status with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd.



In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. will be based on merit, qualifications, and abilities. PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or disability.

PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship. This policy governs all aspects of employment, including selection, job assignment, compensation, discipline, termination, and access to benefits and training.

Employees with questions or concerns about discrimination in the workplace are encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of their supervisor. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. Anyone found to be engaging in unlawful discrimination will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment.


The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the interests and success of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. Such confidential information includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:

  • Compensation data,
  • Financial information,
  • Marketing strategies,
  • Pending projects and proposals,
  • Proprietary production processes,
  • Personnel/Payroll records, and
  • Conversations between any persons associated with the company.

All employees are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment.

Employees who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination of employment and legal action, even if they do not actually benefit from the disclosed information.


Orientation is a formal welcoming process that is designed to make the new employee feel comfortable, informed about the company, and prepared for their position. New employee orientation is conducted by a Human Resources representative, and includes an overview of the company history, an explanation of the company core values, vision, and mission; and company goals and objectives. In addition, the new employee will be given a overview of benefits, tax, and legal issues, and complete any necessary paperwork.

Employees are presented with all codes, keys, and procedures needed to navigate within the workplace. The new employee's supervisor then introduces the new hire to staff throughout the company, reviews their job description and scope of position, explains the company's evaluation procedures, and helps the new employee get started on specific functions.


The probationary period for regular full-time and regular part-time employees lasts up to [180 working days] from date of hire. During this time, employees have the opportunity to evaluate our Company as a place to work and management has its first opportunity to evaluate the employee. During this introductory period, the Company has the right to terminate employment without advance notice. The employee enjoys the same right if company has furnished the same in writing, otherwise not.

Upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period, a [180 working day] review will be given and benefits will begin as appropriate. All employees, regardless of classification or length of service, are expected to meet and maintain Company standards for job performance and behavior (See Section 4, Standards of Conduct).


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. office is open for business from [9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. Day of Week through Day of Week], except for Holidays (See Section 6.7, Holidays).

The standard workweek is [48] hours of work (see Section 5.3, Overtime). In the computation of various employee benefits, the employee workweek is considered to begin on [Sunday (starting at 12:01 a.m.) through Saturday (ending at 12:00 a.m.)], unless a supervisor makes prior other arrangement with the employee.


Hours of work

The working hours will be from:
  • 9:30 A.M to 6:00 P.M
  • Lunch break: 1.00 P.M. to 1.30 P.M.

Time Policy

The company expects that every employee should be regular and punctual in attendance. This means being in the office, ready to work, at their starting time each day. Absenteeism and tardiness places a burden on other employees and the company.

If you are unable to report at work for any reason, notify your hierarchy before regular starting time. You are responsible to speaking directly with your hierarchy about your absence. It is not acceptable to leave a message on the Reception center, except in extreme emergencies.

In case an employee wants to change his/her timings. They have to get it sanctioned & signed by their HOD & submit it to the HR. The HR will intimate your change of timing to the entire staff.


All Employees inform you that the late coming policy & early going policy change as per below from 8-Jan-2009.

Late Coming Policy

Absent/Leave Per MonthAllow Late Coming Days
More then 6 0

Early Going Policy

Absent/Leave Per MonthAllow Late Coming Days
More then 1 0

If you leave at 4.00 pm assuming that you may have only one leave, but you may require to take more than one leave, in that case leaving at 4.00 pm, will be treated as half day. An employee shall be exempted for early going once in a month for Two hours on any particular day, but it is very essential to inform one day in advance to complete urgent work. Except this, any one who would be leaving early before the office hours, that particular day shall be considered as half day. Which would be deducted from the salary or can be taken as half day CL. This cannot be accumulated.

The compensation is as under.

a) for more than 3 hours, after or before his / her normal duty hours, if someone works then he / she will be given ½ day CL over and above standard CL.

employee therefore, only if the Management or HOD inform the employer to stay and work over time. Only those employees can gain a half CL by working 3 hours and above after his/her shift time or during any weekly off or holidays. The employee needs to fill the extra working hour format to show his/her accountability for that particular day, these extra working hours are only meant for Asst. Managers and Executives. Workers are being paid overtime as per the company rules.

All are requested to get their overtime sanctioned by their HOD/MD, and submit it to the HR Dept, the HR will forward their format to the Account Dept. Therefore when an employee comes to work on a holiday to complete his unfinished work shall not be considered as extra working hour

By this the management will have an idea whether they need to hire more manpower.


Employees are allowed a 30 minute lunch break. Lunch breaks generally are taken between the hours of [1.00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.] on a staggered schedule so that your absence does not create a problem for co-workers or clients.


[Company Name does not provide for employees to break during production activities except for the above outlined lunch period.]

[Company Name provides for employees to break during production activities at the following times: fill in appropriate times here.]

If employees have unexpected personal business to take care of, they must notify their direct supervisor to discuss time away from work and make provisions as necessary. Personal business should be conducted on the employee's own time.

Employees who do not adhere to the break policy will be subject to disciplinary action, including termination.


With the changing scenario we have always maintained the pace and now giving the workshop a new look through proper housekeeping and maintenance the organization. The company has decided to start uniforms for some staff members maintain neat, clean and hygienic environment. We expect that it's a matter of unity /brand & responsibility with the logo on the uniform.

  • 3 pairs of uniforms will be given to the employees
  • All will come on duty in uniform from their residence only.
  • The employee himself will be responsible for cleaning and dressing of the uniform.
  • Employees coming on duty without uniform will have to pay Rs.25 as fine to the company.
  • Wear and tear due to mishandling or theft / lost, is employees' responsibility and will be borne by the employee. He will make arrangement for the same kind of uniform on his own cost.
  • The wear and tear guarantee for the uniform is minimum 2 years.
  • Incase, wear and tear arises before 2 years due to the quality of the material and having faced common problem for all employees, company will arrange for the alternative.



Each employee is responsible for maintaining cleanliness on his personal computer. To maintain this, the computers and printers need to be covered after the use. The employee should make sure that the computers are properly shut down and are covered. Negligence in such act is highly shameful and here we do not want to declare any penalty or punishment as we would not like to make this training

Use of printer

Printers are not to be used for personal prints, because misuse of such act may create a loss to the organization. If an employee has some urgent requirement he may ask permission from his hierarchy and do if the permission is granted. Before leaving the office for the day, kindly make sure the printer is switched off.


Proper use & misuse there is no discrepancy. If the need arise to take any personal print/Xerox please take permission of your HOD. In case of emergency, please don't shy and use the equipment with the permission of HOD. It becomes a case of accountability and it is not the management intension to restrict for every general usage of equipment.

Telephone use

Telephones are intended for the use of serving our customers and in conducting the company's business.

Personal usage of the telephone is discouraged except for extreme emergency or very important work. All personal telephone calls should be kept brief to avoid congestion on the telephone line. In case, if you need to make any personal calls, you require giving the number to reception and the call will be connected through reception center only.

To respect the rights of all employees, their personal calls are being entertained, however they should inform family members and friends to limit personal telephone calls during working hours.

The telephone expense being considerable expense is included in our audit section. Time to time you may be given EPABX report (print) of your extension. Our objective is to check on wrong/unwanted calls to be dialed from your extension. It may be official or personal calls.

You will be sent the report and the same needs to be acknowledged and sent back to general administration department. This report will not be for explanation, but reasons can be specified wherever you feel like. For e.g. if a call lasted for 20 minutes, you only need to mention that you are aware of it or not.

Telephone recording system

We have installed a telephoned recording system in our company that records all incoming and outgoing calls. The main objective is to guide the communications skill.

Internet usage

Employees are allowed use of the internet and e-mail when necessary to serve our customers and conduct the company's business.

Employees can use the internet when appropriate to access information needed to conduct business of the company. Employees may use e-mail when appropriate for company business correspondence.

Use of the internet must not disrupt operation of the company computer network. In other words, downloads of heavy files and other surfing activity is to be avoided. Use of the Internet must not interfere with an employee's productivity.

Employees who are provided Internet connection should use the facility for the development of the organization and not for utility purpose.

Each employee should be aware that computer in the company are LAN connected and so surfing of any site other than the recommended and informed by the management to the Internet users should not be opened.

If found surfing any other website then the recommended or authorized to use, such incidence will be considered as a matter of serious offence and such issues can lead to termination also. It is also strictly prohibited to open personal e-mail accounts or to send without written consent from the HR Dept.

Very important

This is to inform all the staff of company that one cannot use his/her personal email ID for transmitting any mail to any outside agency such as Customer/ Business Associate/ Supplier/ Service provider, etc

Similarly he/she can not use personal mail ID for receiving any mails from outside agency as describe above.

Even in extreme emergency if any such requirement of using personal mail ID occurs, He/She will be requires to take prior written approval from his/her hierarchy. Any deviation in observing this, will be viewed seriously.

Mobile usage

Personal mobile are restricted to use during office hours. If you carry your mobile, please keep "SWITCH OFF", (not silent)

You can use company phone for your personal use. However, you will ask "Receptionist" to connect to your desire number. For incoming there are 2583555598, 25830762, 32453758 incoming numbers also. You may also give your hierarchy's number to your family members, to meet any emergency communication.


As you may be aware, the distinction is not always clear between gifts of nominal values and those that could be questionable from an ethics standpoint.

To avoid any semblance of conflict of interest, PressureJet has concluded that complete prohibition of the reception of gifts of any kind is the reasonable course of action to follow. This includes calendars, pens, books or any other article.


  • You should have one yellow cotton cloth for cleaning and it should be cleaned time to time.
  • You will keep following items clean.
  • you are ultimately responsible for your office area.
  • If any cover is not available, you may contact Mr. Dhasharath. He will arrange for you.
  • Monitor & its screen.
  • Computer (cabinet from outside)
  • Your table's drawers.
  • Paper tray.
  • Your table
  • Table space particularly where you keep your monitor
  • You will see that your chairs, monitor, printer, scanner etc. should have separate cover and you will cover these items everyday before you leave for the day.
  • Many a time, we have that chairs do not have covers or once covers send for washing, they do not come back you will personally take care and get the work done.
  • Cleanliness of office is done by peons, however


As all are aware company has its own format for internal usage, it is very essential to maintain the uniformity in communication and correspondence. Every employee can work only in his/her department's folder.

No work is to done/ save in My Computer (C: & D: Drive), it is only meant for local Backup. All the work must be done in proper files/ folders. Kindly do not create any files or folders on the desktop.

Each dept. must maintain three folders, (KM, Old Work & Current Year) besides these folders there shouldn't be any other files as per dept wise


It is very essential to update KM folder (Knowledge Management) as it is a guideline with steps and procedures to be followed to perform the job. It also helps a new or an existing employee to get acquainted information to various steps and methods that are used in the company. It provides information for the different types of work, which are carried by that particular department. All are requested to kindly check their KM folders and remove any unwanted folder/ file.

Old work

After the completion of the current year- we place that folder in old work as the old work folders / files are to be preserved for our reference. This folder is "Read Only" because one cannot make any changes in old work.

Current Year

It is compulsory to work only in the current year folder/file. Every employee manages his/her current year work in that particular folder as per his /her dept. folder. Employees are requested not to open any personal folder, All work has to be done in a file and do not create multiple file as multiple number of files or sub folders creates confusion and is time consuming when any of the data is misplaced or when searching for any work done, which you are not able to recall.


All Employees are requested to adopt the habit of removing their shoes outside the reception center, to maintain clean and dirt free environment in the office. The company shall not provide footwear or refund the cost of the footwear for official usage, every employee have to arranged they own footwear,

However a visitor visiting the company will be provide footwear kept outside the reception center


Employee personnel files include the following: [job application, job description, résumé, records of participation in training events, salary history, records of disciplinary action and documents related to employee performance reviews, coaching, and mentoring.]

Personnel files are the property of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. , and access to the information is restricted. Management personnel of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. Who have a legitimate reason to review the file are allowed to do so.

Employees who wish to review their own file should contact their supervisor [or Human Resources Representative]. With reasonable advance notice, the employee may review his/her personnel file in Company's office and in the presence of their supervisor [or Human Resources Representative].


It is the responsibility of each employee to promptly notify their supervisor or [Company Name's Human Resources Department] of any changes in personnel data such as:

  • Mailing address,
  • Telephone numbers,
  • Name and number of dependents, and
  • Individuals to be contacted in the event of an emergency.

An employee's personnel data should be accurate and current at all times.


At times, emergencies such as severe weather, fires, or power failures can disrupt company operations. The decision to close the office will be made by the [Executive Staff].

When the decision is made to close the office, employees will receive official notification from their supervisors.

Time off from scheduled work due to emergency closings will be unpaid for all non-exempt employees. However, if employees would like to be paid, they are permitted to use vacation time if it is available to them.


Supervisors will conduct performance reviews and planning sessions with all regular full-time and regular part-time employees after [six months] of service. Supervisors may conduct informal performance reviews and planning sessions more often if they choose.

Performance reviews and planning sessions are designed for the supervisor and the employee to discuss his/her current job tasks, encourage and recognize attributes, and discuss positive, purposeful approaches for meeting work-related goals. Together, employee and supervisor discuss ways in which the employee can accomplish goals or learn new skills. The planning sessions are designed for the employee and his/her supervisor to make and agree on new goals, skills, and areas for improvement.

PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. directly links wage and salary increases with performance. Your performance review and planning sessions will have a direct effect on any changes in your compensation. For this reason among others, it is important to prepare for these reviews carefully, and participate in them fully.

New employees will be reviewed at the end of their probationary periods (see Section 3.3, Probationary Period for New Employees). After the initial review, the employee will be reviewed according to the regular [semi-annual] schedule.


Employees may not hold outside jobs in non-related businesses or professions.


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. holds each of its employees to certain work rules and standards of conduct (see Section 4). When an employee deviates from these rules and standards, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. expects the employee's supervisor to take corrective action.

Corrective action at PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is progressive. That is, the action taken in response to a rule infraction or violation of standards typically follows a pattern increasing in seriousness until the infraction or violation is corrected.

The usual sequence of corrective actions includes an oral warning, a written warning, probation, and finally termination of employment. In deciding which initial corrective action would be appropriate, a supervisor will consider the seriousness of the infraction, the circumstances surrounding the matter, and the employee's previous record.

Though committed to a progressive approach to corrective action, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. considers certain rule infractions and violations of standards as grounds for immediate termination of employment. These include but are not limited to: theft in any form, insubordinate behavior, vandalism or destruction of company property, being on company property during non-business hours, the use of company equipment and/or company vehicles without prior authorization by [Executive Staff], untruthfulness about personal work history, skills, or training, divulging Company business practices, and misrepresentations of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. to a customer, a prospective customer, the general public, or an employee.


Termination of employment is an inevitable part of personnel activity within any organization, and many of the reasons for termination are routine. Below are a few examples of some of the most common circumstances under which employment is terminated:

  • Resignation – voluntary employment termination initiated by an employee.
  • Termination – involuntary employment termination initiated by PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Layoff – involuntary employment termination initiated by PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. for non-disciplinary reasons.

When a non-exempt employee intends to terminate his/her employment with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. , he/she shall give PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. at least [1 month] written notice. Exempt employees shall give at least [2 months] written notice.

Since employment with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is based on mutual consent, both the employee and PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. have the right to terminate employment at will, with or without cause during the Introductory/Probationary Period for New Employees (See Section 3.3, Introductory/Probationary Period for New Employees).

Any employee who terminates employment with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. shall return all files, records, keys, and any other materials that are property of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. . No final settlement of an employee's pay will be made until all items are returned in appropriate condition. The cost of replacing non-returned items will be deducted from the employee's final paycheck. Furthermore, any outstanding financial obligations owed to PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. Or PressureJet is directly or indirectly responsible, will also be deducted from the employee's final check.

Employee's benefits will be affected by employment termination in the following manner. All accrued vested benefits that are due and payable at termination will be paid. Some benefits may be continued at the employee's expense (See Section 5, Benefits) if the employee elects to do so. The employee will be notified of the benefits that may be continued and of the terms, conditions, and limitations.


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd., provides information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communication such as:

  • [Training sessions]
  • [Team meetings]
  • [Bulletin board postings]
  • [Memorandums]
  • [Other written communications]

Each employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and common sense in all work activities. Employees must immediately report any unsafe conditions to their supervisor. Employees who violate safety standards, cause hazardous or dangerous situations, or fail to report, or where appropriate, remedy such situations, may be subject to disciplinary action including termination of employment.

In the case of an accident that results in injury, regardless of how insignificant the injury may appear, employees should notify their supervisor (See Section 3.16, Employee Requiring Medical Attention).


Employees who become aware of any health-related issue, including pregnancy, should notify their supervisor [and Human Resources Representative] of health status. This policy has been instituted strictly to protect the employee.

A written "permission to work" from the employee's doctor is required at the time or shortly after notice has been given. The doctor's note should specify whether the employee is able to perform regular duties as outlined in his/her job description.

A leave of absence may be granted on a case-by-case basis. If the need arises for a leave of absence, employees should notify their supervisor [and Human Resources Representative].


In the event an employee requires medical attention, whether injured or becoming ill while at work, the employee's personal physician must be notified immediately. If it is necessary for the employee to be seen by the doctor or go to the hospital, a family member will be called to transport the employee to the appropriate facility. If an emergency arises requiring Emergency Medical Services to evaluate the injury/illness of an employee on-site, the employee will be responsible for any transportation charges. Furthermore, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd.'s employees will not be responsible for transportation of another employee due to liabilities that may occur.

A physician's "return to work" notice may be required.


All employees who are issued keys to the office are responsible for their safekeeping. These employees will sign a Building Key Disbursement form upon receiving the key. The last employee, or a designated employee, who leaves the office at the end of the business day assumes the responsibility to ensure that all doors are securely locked, the alarm system is armed, thermostats are set on appropriate evening and/or weekend setting, and all appliances and lights are turned off with exception of the lights normally left on for security purposes. Employees are not allowed on Company property after hours without prior authorization from the [Executive Staff].


All employees should be sure that their own personal insurance policies cover the loss of anything occasionally left at the office. PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. assumes no risk for any loss or damage to personal property.


Only authorized persons may purchase supplies in the name of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. . No employee whose regular duties do not include purchasing shall incur any expense on behalf of PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. or bind PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. by any promise or representation without written approval.


Expenses incurred by an employee must have prior approval by a supervisor/hierarchy. Reimbursements will be included in the employee's next regular paycheck or can be paid cash thru Patty Cash cashier. An example of such an expense would include mileage. If the amount is more than specified, the reimbursement request will be processed like an invoice. All completed reimbursement request forms should be turned in to [Accounts Payable/Payroll Department].


Employees must park their vehicles properly.


To provide for the safety and security of employees, visitors, and the facilities at PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. , only authorized visitors are allowed in the workplace. Restricting unauthorized visitors helps ensure security, decreases insurance liability, protects confidential information, safeguards employee welfare, and avoids potential distractions and disturbances.

[All visitors must enter through the main reception area, sign-in, and sign-out at the front desk and receive a ‘Visitor' badge to wear while on premises. Authorized visitors will be escorted to their destination and must be accompanied by an employee at all times.]


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. employs only Indian citizens and those non-Indian citizens authorized to work in India in compliance with the Immigration Law of India.

Each new employee, as a condition of employment, must complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 and present documentation establishing identity and employment eligibility. Former employees who are rehired must also complete the form if they have not completed an I-9 with PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. within the past three years or if their previous I-9 is no longer retained or valid.


The work rules and standards of conduct for PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. are important, and the Company regards them seriously. All employees are urged to become familiar with these rules and standards. In addition, employees are expected to follow the rules and standards faithfully in doing their own jobs and conducting the Company's business. Please note that any employee who deviates from these rules and standards will be subject to corrective action, up to and including termination of employment (see Section 3.12, Corrective Action).

While not intended to list all the forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable in the workplace, the following are examples of rule infractions or misconduct that may result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

  • Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of property;
  • Falsification of timekeeping records (See Section 5.2, Timekeeping);
  • Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs (See Section 4.6, Substance Abuse);
  • Possession, distribution, sale, transfer, or use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace (See Section 4.6, Substance Abuse);
  • Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace;
  • Boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace;
  • Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of company-owned or customer-owned property;
  • ; Insubordination or other disrespectful conduct;
  • Violation of safety or health rules;
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco in the workplace;
  • Sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment (See Section 4.3, Harassment, Including Sexual Harassment);
  • Excessive absenteeism or any absence without notice (See also, Section 4.1 Attendance/Punctuality and 4.2, Absence without Notice);
  • Unauthorized use of telephones, internet or other company-owned equipment (See Section 4.4, Telephone Use);
  • Using company equipment for purposes other than business (i.e. playing games on computers or personal Internet usage);
  • Unauthorized disclosure of business "secrets" or confidential information;
  • Violation of personnel policies; and
  • Unsatisfactory performance or conduct.


The Company expects that every employee will be regular and punctual in attendance. This means being in the office, ready to work, at their starting time each day. Absenteeism and tardiness places a burden on other employees and on the Company.

If you are unable to report for work for any reason, notify your supervisor before regular starting time. You are responsible for speaking directly with your supervisor about your absence. It is not acceptable to leave a message on a supervisor's voice mail, except in extreme emergencies. In the case of leaving a voice-mail message, a follow-up call must be made later that day. The company phone number is [079-25835598 / 25830762].

Should undue tardiness become apparent, disciplinary action may be required.

If there comes a time when you see that you will need to work some hours other than those that make up your usual work week, notify your supervisor at least [seven working days] in advance. Each request for special work hours will be considered separately, in light of the employee's needs and the needs of the Company. Such requests may or may not be granted.


When you are unable to work owing to illness or an accident, please notify your supervisor. This will allow the Company to arrange for temporary coverage of your duties, and helps other employees to continue work in your absence. If you do not report for work and the Company is not notified of your status, it will be assumed after two consecutive days of absence that you have resigned, and you will be removed from the payroll. In such case, notice salary will be deducted from your dues.

If you become ill while at work or must leave the office for some other reason before the end of the workday, be sure to inform your supervisor of the situation [and check out with the receptionist].


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. Actions, words, jokes, or comments based on an individual's sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated.

If you believe you have been the victim of harassment, or know of another employee who has, report it immediately. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal.

Any supervisor who becomes aware of possible harassment should promptly advise their supervisor [or the Human Resources Representative] who will handle the matter in a timely and confidential manner.


A professional appearance is important anytime that you come in contact with customers or potential customers. Employees should be well groomed and dressed appropriately for our business and for their position in particular.

The following items are considered inappropriate working attire for PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. :

  • [Open-toed sandals]
  • [Spaghetti-strapped shirts]
  • [Tank tops or revealing shirts]
  • [Short mini skirts]
  • [Sheer clothing]
  • [T-shirts with inappropriate or offensive gestures or advertising]
  • [List other items inappropriate for your company]

[When meeting with a client, the dress code is more business-oriented, including attire such as:]

  • [Slacks and dress shirt or blouse]
  • [Dress or skirt and blouse]

If management occasionally designates "casual days," appropriate guidelines will be provided to you.

Consult your supervisor if you have any questions about appropriate business attire.


The Company is committed to providing a safe and productive workplace for its employees. In keeping with this commitment, the following rules regarding alcohol and drugs of abuse have been established for all staff members, regardless of rank or position, including both regular and temporary employees. The rules apply during working hours to all employees of the Company while they are on Company premises or elsewhere on Company business.

The manufacture, distribution, possession, sale, or purchase of controlled substances of abuse on Company property is prohibited.

Being under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol, or substances of abuse on Company property is prohibited.

Working while under the influence of prescription drugs that impair performance is prohibited.

So that there is no question about what these rules signify, please note the following definitions:

Company property: All Company owned or leased property used by employees.

Controlled substance of abuse: Any substance listed in Schedules I-V of Section 202 of the Controlled Substance Act, as amended.

Drug: Any chemical substance that produces physical, mental, emotional, or behavioral change in the user.

Drug paraphernalia: Equipment, a product, or material that is used or intended for use in concealing an illegal drug, or otherwise introducing into the human body an illegal drug or controlled substance.

Illegal drug:

a. Any drug or derivative thereof whose use, possession, sale, transfer, attempted sale or transfer, manufacture, or storage is illegal or regulated under any federal, state, or local law or regulation.

b. Any drug, including – but not limited to – a prescription drug, used for any reason other than that prescribed by a physician. c. Inhalants used illegally.

Under the influence: A state of not having the normal use of mental or physical faculties resulting from the voluntary introduction into the body of an alcoholic beverage, drug, or substance of abuse.

Consistent with the rules listed above, any of the following actions constitutes a violation of the Company's policy on drugs and may subject an employee to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate termination.

Using, selling, purchasing, transferring, manufacturing, or storing an illegal drug or drug paraphernalia, or attempting to or assisting another to do so, while in the course of employment.

Working or reporting to work, conducting Company business or being on Company property while under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol, or in an impaired condition.




[Each employee's daily wage or annual salary will be reviewed at least once each year. The employee's review date will usually be conducted on or about the anniversary date of employment or the date of the previous compensation review. Such reviews may be conducted more frequently for a newly created position, or based on a recent promotion.]

[Increases will be determined on the basis of performance, adherence to company policies and procedures, and ability to meet or exceed duties per job description and achieve performance goals (See Section 3.10, Performance Review/Planning Sessions).]

Although the Company's salary ranges and daily wage schedules will be adjusted on an ongoing basis, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. does not grant "cost of living" increases. Performance is the key to wage increases in the Company.


Accurately recording time worked is the responsibility of every non-exempt employee. Time worked is the time actually spent on a job(s) performing assigned duties. [Each client job is assigned a job number as posted in the Employee Message Center. Employees are responsible for accurately documenting their time spent on individual jobs.]

PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. does not pay for extended breaks or time spent on personal matters.

The time clock is a legal instrument. Altering, falsifying, tampering with time records, or recording time on another team member's time record will result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment.

Authorized personnel will review time records each week. Any changes to an employee's time record must be approved by his/her supervisor [or appropriate person]. Questions regarding the timekeeping system or time cards should be directed to the [appropriate person].

Time Cards – Non-exempt employees will be issued a time card on their first day of employment. The employee will be given thorough instructions on usage and instructions on what to do should a problem occur.

[Employees will be financially responsible for replacing the card if it is lost or stolen. Cost of Replacement card is Rs.150/-]


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. is open for business [48] hours per week. Overtime compensation is paid to non-exempt employees in accordance with the law. Overtime is payable for all hours worked over [48] per week at a rate of one and one-half times the non-exempt employee's regular hourly rate. Time off on personal time, holidays, or any leave of absence will not be considered hours worked when calculating overtime. In addition, vacation time does not constitute hours worked.

All overtime work performed by an hourly employee must receive the [supervisor's] prior authorization. Overtime worked without prior authorization from the [supervisor] may result in disciplinary action. [The supervisor's] signature on a timesheet authorizes pay for overtime hours worked.


All employees are paid monthly. In the event that a regularly scheduled payday falls on a weekend or holiday, employees will receive pay [on the next day of operation].

If a regular payday falls during an employee's vacation, the employee's paycheck will be available upon his/her return from vacation. Normally, salary is being deposited in Bank directly where company operates Corporate account. Currently company is having corporate account with Punjab National Bank, Vatva branch. All employees will have to open their salary account with the same bank and branch. For procedure and co-operation, please contact Account Manager.

In case of Paychecks:::[If the employee is not at work when paychecks are distributed and does not receive the paycheck, the paycheck will be kept at the reception desk through the rest of the payday. If an employee is unable to pick up his or her check on payday, he or she will need to see the company Bookkeeper or Human Resources Representative].

Paychecks will not, under any circumstances, be given to any person other than the employee without written authorization. Paychecks may also be mailed to the employee's address or deposited directly into an employee's bank account upon request.

5.5 LOAN

Checklist for personal loan

loan policy
  • Has the employee worked with the company for minimum period as mentioned in the loan structure required for loan.
  • Is the form duly signed by two guarantors, of which one guarantor shall possess no dues in the company?
  • The amount of loan should not exceed the eligibility of the employee.
  • Any dues or loan amount pending.
  • Has the employee taken any loan in the last six months?


Causal leave (CL)

Causal leave (CL) is not mandatory govt. law. However, management appreciate that whenever it is needed all responsible employees give their time more than their duty hours which is not possible to compensate on every such occasion. Therefore, management has introduced 7 (seven) CL. Following is the terms & conditions for the CL.

  • It is not mandatory to inform in advance to avail CL. However, as soon as you plan your CL, immediately inform your hierarchy / concern person otherwise it will not be treated as CL.
  • Minimum 1/2 and maximum 2 CL will be granted.
  • 1 CL is being given on every 40 working days presence subject to minimum 240 working days presence in 1 year.
  • If someone does not complete his / her one year in the office, he / she is not entitle for CL. This is irrespective of resignation / termination.
  • CL cannot be consider against medical reason even in case of requirement of more than 2 such leaves. In other words, medical reason up to 2 days can be entertained as CL but not more than 2. In other words, someone is sick for more than 2 days, he / she may not be entitle for CL. Here, decision can be taken to provide CL based on extra mileage.
  • CL is applicable once probation period is over.
  • CL is being granted against the actual enough presence i.e. 40 day's presence for 1 CL.
  • In any circumstances, more than 2 CL will not be granted in one month.
  • CL cannot be encashed.
  • Once you enjoy the CL, it is mandatory to fill up the form and give it at reception or account dept. (Pl. confirm with HR Dept.) on or before the last date of the month to get an effect in the salary.
  • CL is not considered as Presence while calculating 240 days presence in a year.
  • To sanction CL is absolutely management's discrimination. OR, Rights are reserved with management whether to sanction CL or not?
  • CL is considered as Presence while calculating 240 days presence in a year.

Privilege leave (PL)

PL is a government rule and company has to follow.

Terms & Conditions

  • Employee is entitle to take PL subject to minimum presence of 240 days in a year.
  • From 1st Jan. to 31st December, is being considered to calculate PL account.
  • PL is provided every 20 days presence but someone's presence is 279 days from 1st Jan. to 31st December, he / she is being given 13 PL not 13.96 or 14. Because as per rule, PL is being given on the presence of 20 full days, not 19 days.
  • As per government rule, one has to inform about his / her leave 21 days in advance and he / she has to apply for minimum 3 days. Management find it difficult to follow this rule for the employee and that is why this rule is diluted / liberalized by the management. Now, one should inform / apply 10 days in advance and apply minimum for 1 PL.
  • One can apply maximum any no. of PL. However, PL sanction is absolutely management's discrimination.
  • PL can be cancelled at any time by the management.
  • One is eligible for the PL even during the probation period subject to confirmation.
  • PL is considered as Presence while calculating 240 days presence in a year.


The Company shall observe maximum thirteen (13) holidays in any calendar year as declared. Out of thirteen (13) holidays six (06) will be paid holidays (against the govt. rule for 2.) and rest of seven will be adjustable (refer holiday list) against the weekly off.

The list of holiday to be observed in the next calendar year shall be released in the third week of december of every calendar year. There can be different holidays for different branches and regions.

The number of holidays so declared shall not be increased or decreased during the year for any reason whatsoever. However, the rights are reserved to change or increase or decrease the holidays while declaring every year.

Provided however that if it is felt that working of the offices and factory is likely to be hampered on account of Bandh, General Strike, Power Cut, Rasta Roko etc. intimation of which has been received in advance. The management may change any holiday to fall on such day and declare earlier holiday to be a working with notice by evening, prior to the day to be observed as holiday and such change shall not be deemed to be changed, this being condition of service.

Leave encashment

The leaves are calculated according to the calendar year i.e. January – December, and the encashment is being made in the month of April, every year.

The PL encashment is given to the employee after one year of the service or in the month of April whichever comes first. For e.g. an employee joining the organization in the month of January is also entitled to get the leave benefit in the April month of that particular year.

For e.g. salary bifurcation of an employee those paid Basic + Allowance

HRA 2000
Helper All.1500
Edu. All.100
Total 13100
In such case only the basic salary (Rs.8000) will be considered as base and leave will be paid on that particular amount (basic salary).

For e.g. salary bifurcation of an employee paid Basic + Others


In such case, leaves will be calculated on the Basic (Rs.2300) only.


The management pays its employees their monthly salary on the 7th of every month. For any forsaken reason an employee stops coming to office during the last week of any month (i.e. after the 25th to 31st or till the 7th) and comes on the 8th to collect his/her salary. Salary will not be paid to them and only half salary will be paid to those employees who are with the company for more than 2 yrs and above.

As a precaution measure, company has decided to take a cheque equivalent to one-month salary and may be used only if an employee does not pay his/her notice salary.

Employees also will be given a stamped receipt mentioning the reason and will be given assurance that the cheque will not be deposited for any other reason.


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers a benefits program for its [regular full-time] and [regular part-time] employees. However, the existence of these programs does not signify that an employee will necessarily be employed for the required time necessary to qualify for the benefits included in and administered through these programs.


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the success of the Company. PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers [educational assistance programs, the GED Program and tuition reimbursement]. PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers educational assistance programs to encourage personal development, improve job-related skills and enhance an employee's ability to compete for reasonably attainable jobs in the Company]


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. recognizes the value of professional development and personal growth for employees. Therefore, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. encourages its employees who are interested in continuing education and job specific training to research these further and get approval before signing up for the seminars or courses.]


7.1 STAFF MEETINGStaff Meetings

Quarterly staff meetings will be held [insert appropriate schedule here]. These informative meetings allow employees to be informed on recent company activities, changes in the workplace and employee recognition.


Bulletin boards placed in [designated areas] provide employees access to important posted information and announcements. The employee is responsible for reading necessary information posted on the bulletin boards.


PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. encourages employees who have suggestions that they do not want to offer orally or in person to write them down and leave them [in the suggestion box located in the production center]. If this is done anonymously, every care will be taken to preserve the employee's privacy. [A member of the Executive Staff] checks the box on a regular basis.


Under normal working conditions, employees who have a job-related problem, question or complaint should first discuss it with their immediate supervisor. At this level, employees usually reach the simplest, quickest, and most satisfactory solution. If the employee and supervisor do not solve the problem, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. encourages employees to contact the [Human Resources Representative.]

Some of the downloadable forms mentioned in this manual:
  • Non-Disclosure Form
  • New Hire Checklist
  • Employee Manual Announcement Memo
  • Equipment Assignment Checklist
  • Employee Manual Receipt Form
  • Emergency Contact List
  • Vacation Request Form
  • Performance Planning Record
  • Building Key Disbursement Form
  • Performance Review History Record
  • Expense Reimbursement Form
  • Coaching History Record
  • Personal Reference Checklist
  • Separation of Employment Checklist
  • Previous Employment Reference Checklist
  • Exit Interview Record
  • Employee Information Form
  • Payroll/Status Changes Form

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