Enquiry Questionaire For Accessories


To make a complete system, high pressure plunger pump and different items like base frame, high pressure hose, pressure gauge, safety valves, unloader valves, nozzles etc…. are essential to perform particular task, on case to case basis.. These items are called accessories.


Here, accessories means items which are used to assemble a complete or partial pumping high pressure system which may be used for high pressure water jetting, HydroBlasting, hydrostatic test, surface preparation, sewer jetting, tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, pressure washing, fogging, misting, cooling, high pressure injection, high pressure feeding and many other applications. Unloader valve, safety valves, different types of nozzles, pressure gauge etc… are few of the different accessories.


For Techno-commercial offer of Accessories, Please mail your enquiry with Following essential details on our E-mail ID – sales@pressurejet.com;

  1. Name of Required Accessory.
  2. Required Working Pressure (i.e. KG/CM2 Bar, PSI etc.)
  3. Required Flow Rate (i.e. LPM, GPM etc.)
  4. Existing Pump Detail.
  5. Any Special Requirement if have.


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