CW 13.30 High pressure car power washer platinum system
 Max. Flow
 13 lpm (13.21 gpm)
 Working Pressure
 30 bar (435 psi)
 Motor Rating
 1 hp / 1500 rpm/50 Hz
 Max. Temp.
 60' C (140'F)
 Oil Capacity
 1.04 Liter (20W40)
 Inlet Connection (2 port)
 3/4" BSPF
 Outlet Connection (2 port)
 1/2" BSPF

This High pressure car power washer platinum system consists of AR-13.30 high pressure plunger pump. AR-13.30 power washer is designed for 13 lpm and maximum 30 bar pressure.


PressureJet recommends utilizing full power of AR-13.30 pressure washer.


This heavy duty pressure washer is rugged and designed for continuous duty.


We strongly believe that customer can take right decision, only when correct / sufficient techno–commercial information is available. It is essential to know about quality in detail. We have tried our level best to help you in taking right decision to buy a product, which gives you maximum value for money. Here is a ready made product comparison chart to ease your work!


This high pressure cleaning system can be used for several other applications, subject to use of specific accessories. This will be proved a great value addition. You can check your accessories to suit your application and do not forget that you may require to spend really very less to perform other day-to-day important applications.


This system can also be supplied with engine or flame proof motor. Accessories also can be supplied as per customer's requirement like long or short hose, lance etc...


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Standard Items

Sr.NoItem NameItem CodeQty Price (INR) Weight (KG) Desc.
1 CW-14-30 Pump with unloader valve, pressure gauge, pulsation dampener, suction hose, bypass hose, pump pulley CW1430 1 8750.00 12.000 View
2 Electric motor 1 hp / 1450 rpm /3 ph. /415v /50Hz/face cum foot (Make - PressureJet) EM1-4P-FCF 1 5230.00 18.000 View
3 CW-14-30 Base frame CW-14-30BF 1 1850.00 11,111.000 View
4 Strainer - T Type 1/2" BSPF (for positive suction) STR0.5 1 1100.00 0.520 View
5 Rigid tube lance 40 - 1/4" x 200 mm RTL40-0.25x200 1 440.00 0.170 View
6 Without trigger gun WTG 1 800.00 0.270 View
7 Cleaning nozzle 0 Degree 11 1/4"MEG0011 1 800.00 0.020 View

Optional Accessories

Sr.NoItem NameItem CodeQty Price (INR) Weight (KG) Desc.
1 Rigid tube lance 40 - 1/4" x400 mm RTL40-0.25x400 1 780.00 0.300 View
2 High pressure cleaning nozzle 15 Degree 11 HP1/4"MEG1511 1 1300.00 0.020 View
3 CW-14-30 Pulley guard CW14-30PG 1 600.00 1,111,111.000 View
4 AR Trolley with cover160 ( Incl. of Base frame ) ARTC160 1 9000.00 26.000 View
5 1.5 - 4 Core pvc insulated copper cable-10 mtrs 1.5-4CPICC-10 1 900.00 2.560 View
6 MK-1 DOL Starter (Make - L & T) MK1DOLS 1 3145.00 2.250 View

Spare Parts

Sr.NoItem NameItem CodeQty Price (INR) Weight (KG) Desc.
1 1864 Valve kit (1 kit for each pump) 1864(H) 1 2232.00 0.075 View
2 1866 Water seals kit dia15mm (1 Kit for each pump) 1866(J) 1 3540.00 0.070 View

CW 13.30 High pressure car power washer platinum system

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Here, we have also indicated the life of wear parts as PressureJet believes in transparency.



  Volume in mm Weight in
Weight in kgs
(packing in wooden box)
Wooden box
volume in mm
With trolley

Without trolley


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