Tank Cleaning in Chemical Industries

In chemical industry, various kind of tanks are used for storage, processing and transfer applications. Over the period of time, these tanks get contaminated due to constant touch with hazardous chemicals. Hence, the cleaning of the tanks is required at regular interval.

Manual cleaning methods are slow, and you can’t start processing again until cleaning is complete. Using solvents or caustics compounds the problem, because the care required for their use and disposal requires more time and money. And when workers are exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals or caustics, safety and confined space entry become concerns, as well.

Fortunately, high-pressure water jet systems from PressureJet Pumps clean tanks in minutes instead of days. The power of high pressure water can strip away virtually any product build-up, even in tight spaces… without using chemicals and without requiring anyone to enter a tank. You save time, labor and money! There is usually a build up of contamination / scale on the tank’ walls. This build up results in inefficiencies and also the risk of down stream contamination due to debris falling off.

Clean tank result in faster batch runs, lower plant operating costs and less down time due to downstream contamination.