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Company Profile
img_Company For over 20 years now, PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. has been relentless in its pursuit to provide best-in-class products and services to its valued clients. In this process, it has far exceeded the benchmarks set by other manufacturers in the Indian sub-continent...more
Production Facility
img_Company The high-pressure pump manufacturing process requires manufacturing extremely high-quality components, at comparatively low volume.Further, the high-pressure pump mechanism is similar to an engine and has a crank-shaft, connecting road, crank-case etc...more
Design and Development
PressureJet has an in-house Design & Development Department that continues strives to design pragmatic and cost-effective solution that fulfill customer’sneeds. It is equipped with six separate workstation with licensed modeling tools like SolidWorks 3-D software and has machine design analysis capabilities...more img_Company
IT Dept.
PressureJet has its own data center that is equipped with the latest IBM servers, licensed software and other essentials. We have also installed a Linux server for the Oracle e-Business Suite that we employ in managing various day-to-day aspects of our business...more img_Company
img_Company PressureJet is home to a highly advanced and efficient warehousing system. It is equipped with Vertical Lift Machines (VLM) that ensure efficient bar code system, as well as an automatic first in first out system. ..more
Purchase Dept.
img_Company The purchase department at PressureJet has a very specific mandate: to treat its suppliers as partners and never compromise on quality and timeliness of delivery. No supplier in the history of PressureJet has had to follow up for their payment...more
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