Pump Repairing Policy

Pump Repairing Policy

  1. It is mandatory for the party to send the material for repairing on PAID and DOOR DELIVERY basis only.

    In casethe material is not sent on DOOR DELIVERY basis, it will be charged @ Rs. 500/- to 2000/- extra as Service charges for the collection of material, depending upon the size and distance. We shall collect the material only after a written request and said payment confirmation.

    In case the material is not being sent on PAID basis and if we may have to make the payment, then apart from the FREIGHT payment, Rs. 1000/- to 2000/- will be charged extra as Service charges, depending upon size, distance and amount.

  2. To maintain records, we require a returnable challan with appropriate contact details to register its inward in stores. In any case, we will NOT accept any material if it is not accompanied with returnable challan.

  3. All individual items must be mentioned in challan clearly. i.e. instead of writing as “High Pressure Cleaner” or “Hydro test pump”, please mention each items like Bare pump with Sr. No., Motor with HP & Sr. No., frame/Trolley, PRV, etc. This is important to avoid any issue of short supply after returning material. Production Dept. will not accept the pump if CHALLAN is not provided with the pump to be repaired.

  4. It is compulsory for the customer to fill the Complaint form for repairing and should clearly mention the exact problem in the pump. This is essential to check the problem thoroughly or else it may be overseen from our side. (Complaint Form – http://pressurejet.com/ComplainForm.aspx)

  5. Customer will have to send an acceptance to this policy through a written confirmation before sending the material. For accessories and HW series pumps,an advance deposit of Rs. 5000/- will have to be paid and for P, T, V and K series pumps Rs. 10000/- will have to be paid. This amount is only for bare pumps and accessories, for complete system the amount will be doubled for respective series.

    We take advance due to past experiences of no response from the customer after the receipt of material at our end. We cannot hold the material for long time in our premises. This advance deposit will be adjusted in the Final G.S.T. invoice after receipt of P.O.

    After quoting for the requirement, if there is no response / decision from your end then we will return your material without repairing in box packing. The final G.S.T. invoice will be sent to you deducting the P & F and Estimation charges along with the returned material. These charges will be adjusted from the advance deposit.

  6. The estimate for repairing your pump would be sent to you within 5 working days from the date of receipt of goods at our premises. If the same is not done within our stipulated time then Sales Dept. will give you reason for the delay. In case there is no response from our side i.e. if the reply is not given within 5 working days, you will be eligible for special discount.

  7. After receipt of the estimate at your end, we expect your final decision either to repair the material or not maximum within 5 days from the date of our estimate. If it is not possible due to any reason at your end, your written request and our confirmation is essential. Otherwise material will be returned without repairing through GATI/TCI XPS on TO PAY basis andthe final G.S.T. invoice will be sent to you deducting the P & F and Estimation charges along with the returned material. These charges will be adjusted from the advance deposit.

  8. If the damaged goods are not to be repaired / replaced after dismantling the pump, then the pump will be returned in dismantled condition only, as many of the internal parts are not possible to re-assemble as it is and the P & F and Estimate charges will be managed as informed. (Refer Point no. 5)

  9. Accessories like Unloader valve, Pressure regulating valve, trigger operated gun, safety valve, Foot operated valve will be not repaired individually. If you send any accessories, its repairing charges will be Rs. 3000/-and if you decide not to repair it then also the same amount will be charged as an estimate cost + GST 18% extra.

  10. In case the accessories are to be repaired / replaced, offer for spares will be submitted to you after inspection.

  11. In the event of repairing the goods, you will have to arrange for necessary payment and Performa invoice within max. 3 working days of material readiness intimation from our side. After 3 days, demurrage and interest will be charged @ 1% per week.

  12. After repairing, we will make G.S.T. Invoice for the spares used for repairing as per our estimate & your PO and Debit Note will be issued for service charge. Service tax will be applicable on service charge.

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