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Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning in Intermediate Plant

Heat exchangers are vital components in plants in the chemical & other industrial sectors. Heat exchangers have long been a maintenance nightmare when it comes to tube cleaning. Heat exchanger downtime means lost production and lost revenues. It is not at all uncommon for the tubes in these units to become solidly plugged with deposits.

Hence, it is mandatory to have a heat exchanger in good working condition at all time. Hence it is required to clean internal and external tube bundles and remove very hard deposits in internal pipes by hydro blasting. Our technology will improve the operating efficiency of your heat exchanger, and increase the flow rate of your pipe system back to its original condition. Our aim is to increase your production with our services and technology through cleaning efficiency and time saving at shutdowns.

To improve the performance of fouled heat exchangers requires that the tubes be cleaned Periodically. Each time the tube deposits, sedimentation, bio fouling and obstructions are removed, the tube surfaces are returned almost to bare metal, providing the tube itself with a new life cycle.

In false consideration of cost saving, some people use Chemicals cleaning method (i.e. acid etc.) & mechanical cleaning methods (i.e. brushes, metal/plastic scrapers, abrasive balls) for tube cleaning of heat exchanger. But this type of conventional methods are expensive in long period, takes longer for the operation to be completed, and the subsequent disposal of the chemicals, an environmental hazard, creates its own set of problems. In chemicals cleaning method, it has also been found quite frequently that some residual material will still need to be removed by mechanical cleaning methods. During this kind of conventional methods of cleaning, there is also a gradual erosion of tube metal, which ultimately reduces the life of heat exchanger tubes.

To avoid such type of problems PressureJet pumps are most appropriate solution for heat exchanger tube cleaning. Our pumps are user friendly and clean the hard scale deposits from the tubes very effectively in a lesser time.


To establish an effective method for the removal of biofouling in condenser and heat exchanger tubes.


Use high pressure water to force a specially designed tube cleaner through the condenser and heat exchanger tubes.


Over a period of time scale builds up and acid pockets form, causing pitting in heat exchangers and condenser. This process, knows as biofouling, increasingly reduces the efficiency of the tubes. Recommended cleaning is at least twice a year to minimize pitting.

High pressure water jetting pump can be offered with specially designed accessories for above applications. In this application, high pressure water forces a special tube cleaner through these deposits, cleaning the inside diameter of the condenser and heat exchanger tubes. Removing the pit speaks exposes the pit and permits flushing out of the acidic deposits, retarding the pitting action. This special cleaning process increases the efficiency of the condenser, as well as the life of the tube. This high pressure method is faster and more effective in removing deposits than brushes. One four - man crew is able to clean 7,000 tubes in a single 12 hour shift.



Heat exchangers are important and common components of plants in the chemical sector, the oil industry and in the foodstuff and environmental sectors. Economic aspects and quality requirement’s demand very well cleaned heat exchangers.

The method of cleaning heat Exchangers with High and Ultra High Pressures from 500 bar to 2,800 bar is becoming more and more popular due to economic, environmental and energy related aspects. Virtually all types of heat exchanger and boiler tubes can be cleaned with High and Ultra High Pressure Water.

These systems can be simple hand held devices where an operator manually feeds the High Pressure Hose and a variety of Cleaning Nozzles inside the tubes or fully automated and sophisticated systems that are capable of cleaning up to five (5) tubes in one pass.

The Shell Side Bundle Cleaner is a fully automated system that allows the operator to be sitting comfortable inside a fully enclosed cabinet. The operator can then control all aspects of the cleaning from a safe working environment.

The Autojet system operates two (2) static or revolving lances and cleans two (2) tubes at the same time. Space permitting the Autojet can clean in the horizontal or vertical positions.

In some cases it may be necessary to remove the heat Exchangers in order to clean them. Removal of the Tube Bank is frequently essential particularly for exterior cleaning. In these situations our KID Extractor and lifting systems are ideal for this application.

Once removed the Heat exchanger is mounted on to Hydraulic rollers that allow 360o turning of the Heat Exchanger ensuring that every part of the system is one hundred percent cleaned.

Why not let Aqua Energy solve your Heat Exchanger removal and cleaning problems.



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