Ready Mix Truck Cleaning

OBJECT : Cement, Concrete deposits on mixing drums.

TOOL : Rotating nozzle

FLOW : 17 lpm / 4.5 US gpm Approx

PRESSURE : 350 kg/cm2 / 345 bar / 5000 psi Approx

MOTOR : 15 hp

TEMPERATURE : 20o C / 68o F

Readymix truck requires regular cleaning. Readymix trucks face a similar problem of clean - up. Most trucks carry a small portable water source and standard garden hose to wash down the chute after delivering a load of concrete. However, when the trucks are returned to the yard at the end of the day, a thorough cleaning of the entire truck must be done. Cement inside the drum must be removed to prevent build-up and potential malfunction of the equipment. The entire exterior of the truck must be blasted clean also. Each time the truck is loaded with concrete, a certain amount of spillage occurs. By the end of the day, after several hauls, the sun and weather have asked the concrete onto the truck and removal becomes increasingly difficult.