Mist Cooling Temperature Control System


To find a more efficient and effective poultry cooling system.


Install a PressureJet fogging system.


  • Reduces bird loss from thousands to almost NONE.
  • Extends breeding period of poultry.
  • Also functions as a dust suppressor.
  • Increases egg production and egg size.
  • Reduces water and energy consumption.
  • Results in cleaner, drier surroundings.
  • Reduces evaporation pad cleaning or replacement and labor costs involved.


Traditional methods of preventing poultry from collapsing due to heat stress are rooftop sprinklers; water sprayed directly on birds and evaporation pads. These methods often consume considerable water, have inconsistent temperature control or result in water-saturated birds causing pneumonia and death. Consistent control of excessive heat is a major concern of the poultry farmer as temperature above 90°F slow down egg production, reduce egg size and can result in the death of thousands of birds. Poultry specialists have developed misting systems using a new procedure in evaporation cooling, that has proved remarkably successful and results in immediate and consistent cooling. These misting systems create an artificial fog by pumping water through specially designed nozzles at 34 to 42 bar. The fog surrounds the birds keeping them evenly cooled without saturation much like an air conditioner but far less costly to operate.


18 lpm - 40 bar - 2 hp

45 lpm - 40 bar - 5 hp