Continuous Miner Coal Dust Suppression


To eliminate the hazards of coal dust while mining.


Install a PressureJet high pressure spray system for dust suppression.


  • Reduces air pollution and improves working conditions for the coal miner.
  • Improves the performance of the mining equipment.
  • Eliminates fire hazard associated with accumulated coal dust.
  • Reduces equipment downtime and maintenance costs.


Coal mining is a very demanding, dirty and dangerous job. With the installation of a PressureJet high pressure spraying system, some of these adversities have been minimized. A continuous miner has a series of rotating cutting blades. Between each blade a nozzle is mounted. As the blades carve out the coal and the coal falls onto the conveyor, a spray is emitted to settle the coal dust and help flush the coal cuttings onto the conveyor.

The unit is mounted outside the mine area for safety and to eliminate the added expense of an explosion proof motor. This skid mounted unit is also used for equipment clean-up which reduces downtime and maintenance expense.

Under standard laboratory conditions, 5% dust concentrate is considered effective control. With the 200 bar (203 Kg/cm2/2900 psi) high pressure water dust suppression system, the dust concentrate is reduced to an impressive 1%.

94 lpm - 50-55 bar