Waste Water Odor Control


Traditional methods for odor control require large capital expenditures for equipment with significant operating costs and often, poor overall effectiveness.


Offer a unique PressureJet high pressure fogging system using environmentally safe neutralizing agents to convert offensive industrial waste odors into odorless soluble with minimal costs and maximum efficiency.


  • Reduces capital expenditures.
  • Lowers chemical and operating costs.
  • Proven fast, broad range effectiveness.
  • No hazardous waste.


Many methods have been used to control industrial waste odors, but none so effective and easy to use as PressureJet high pressure fogging concept.

Current methods include masking, which simply covers one odor with another and often make the combination worse than the original; oxidation, which is effective, but requires expensive scrubbing equipment and considerable reaction time; carbon absorption, which also requires costly equipment and maintenance, plus the difficult disposal of hazardous wasted carbon.

New Vapor Phase Technology offers an effective and affordable alternative to these conventional methods of odor control. The published neutralization techniques listed in the Water Pollution Control Federation. Specifically the techniques of construction combining and interference. They have developed specially formulated compounds to work with a high pressure fogging system to economically and effectively neutralize industrial waste odors.

This system is extremely flexible to accommodate the individual location and odor control needs. Each system includes a PressureJet high pressure washer, triple filter, patented anti-drip swivel nozzles and specially sized and fitted hose to meet the specific dimensions of each installation.

8 lpm / 38 lpm - 55 bar / 70 bar 2 hp to 15 hp