Fire Protection


To provide a fail-safe, effective fire protection system and reduce fire danger by keeping compressor area clear of hazardous oil and grease deposits.


Installation of a constant full pressure fire protection header which would immediately flood entire compressor station as a result of a rise in temperature or a drop in pressure in the system. Also would provide a central PressureJet high pressure washer.


  • Lower insurance rates.
  • A positive, 100% fail-safe fire protection system.
  • Most effective system under adverse conditions.
  • Also provides a multiple station central cleaning system, resulting in a safer plant.


The six large engine compressors at this location are used to pressurize natural gas at it is drawn from the ground to dehydrate, as well as provide a means of propelling it to its destination. With a large volume of compressed gas in proximity, the concern for fire and explosion is critical.

Many places, PressureJet high pressure washer is used to maintain continuous pressure on the fire protection system. Pressure switches in the system start the pump anytime the pressure drops below 60 bar (61 kg/cm2 / 870 psi). Some twenty-five 180oF fuse plugs are installed at predetermined probable hazard locations on the engine compressor. Any open fuse immediately shuts down the compressor engine and opens the valve on the protection system, flooding the engine area. All six-engine compressor areas can be protected with this one pump by running piping to the other locations.The installation also does “double duty” by providing a PressureJet high pressure washer with six clean-up stations.

225 lpm - 70 bar - 50 hp