Cement Truck Cleaning


To keep the loading hatch of trucks carry bulk cement clean. To clean mixed cement from ready-mix trucks.


Develop a high pressure cleaner using a PressureJet high pressure washer.


  • More frequent and thorough cleanup
  • Clean hatch makes smoother bulk cement loading.
  • Versatility from daily cleaning to sandblasting needs.
  • Longer lasting equipment as a result of better maintenance.
  • Removal of cement weight for increase fuel economy for trucks.


Bulk cement and readymix concrete trucks require regular cleaning. Bulk trucks haul dry cement to the whole seller for bagging or to the redymix supplier. When dry cement is loaded into the bulk trucks, spilling occurs. Any rain or humidity causes the cement to harden and form a concrete scale which is difficult to remove without a convenient and effective cleaning system, this clean up is offend neglected unit it seriously affects the loading.

A trailer mounted, diesel powered pump cleans the readymix trucks following daily concrete deliveries and removes the concrete scale around the loading hatch of trucks carrying bulk cement.

Readymix trucks face a similar problem of clean-up. Most trucks carry a small portable water source and standard garden hose to wash the chute after delivering a load of concrete. However, when the trucks are retuned to the yard at the end of the day, a through cleaning of the entire truck must be done. Cement inside the drum must be removed to prevent built up and potential malfunction of the equipment. The entire exterior of the truck must be blasted clean also. Each time the truck is loaded with concrete, a certain amount of spilling occurs. By the end of the day, after several hauls, the sun and weather have baked the concrete on to the truck and removal becomes increasingly difficult.

Concrete that has set for less than 24 hours can be usually removed with 18 – 23 lpm, 80 bar. However, weather condition will also alter the setup of concrete and may require higher pressure for clean-up. Concrete after 30 days needs 45 lpm, 350 bar and sandblasting. A wet sandblasting unit is easily adapted to this system.