Enquiry Form for General / Surface Cleaning

PressureJet offers high pressure pumps up to 1400 bar having maximum power up to 150 hp. However, for cleaning and washing applications we have displayed products up to 500 bar and 60 hp only. For higher pressure requirement, please visit hydroblaster.


High pressure power washers direct a high-pressure stream or jet of water against a surface to clean, descale, degrease or prepare a surface. High pressure power washer may use either cold water or hot water and steam to perform their function, and the water is often mixed with various cleansers, detergents or solvents. They are used for surface cleaning.


Questionnaire for general / surface cleaning  pump
If you do not want to fill up below enquiry questionnaire form,Please mail your details on sales@pressurejet.com.

Questions display in bold are mandatory
1)  Have you ever used high pressure water jet cleaning pump? If yes, please let us know the make and other details. i.e. application, flow rate, pressure etc…   
2)  What is your exact application?   
3)  Working hours / duty. for pump Please specify clearly.   
4)  what may be the pressure? If you don’t know, then please inform existing cleaning method.   
5)  Flow requirement, if you know or guess.   
6)  Approx. Area or size and no. of component / articles to be cleaned & time available.   
7)  What is your existing process to clean?   
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