Enquiry Form for Tube & Pipe Cleaning

Questions display in bold are mandatory
1)  Have you ever used tube & pipe cleaning hydro jetting pump / equipment? If yes, please let us know the make, flow rate, pressure etc…   
2)  Please inform the name of equipment.   
3)  Tube inner diameter   
4)  Tube Thickness   
5)  Is your tube straight, spiral, blind & /or open?   
6)  Material of construction of Tube   
7)  No. of tubes & time available to clean these tubes   
8)  Approx. Waterjet Pressure at which Tube will be cleaned.   
9)  Approx. Flow rate of water, to clean the Tube.   
10)  Approx. Scale Thickness   
11)  Is scale loose, little hard, hard or very hard?   
12)  Brief about existing cleaning method, frequency & details of tools used, existing pump details, if any.   

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You are at the right place for your requirement of tube cleaning by hydro Jetting Machine / Equipment.

PressureJet offers high pressure pipe & tube cleaning systems ranging from 140 bar to 1400 bar pressure.