Enquiry Form for Hydro Test Pump

Questions display in bold are mandatory
1)  Have you ever used hydrostatic test pump? If yes, please let us know the make and other details.   
2)  Please inform test pressure / discharge pressure in psi or kg/sq. cm or bar or kpa.   
3)  Name of equipment / component to be tested.   
4)  Size of the equipment / volume of the equipment. If you do not know, please type “Don’t know”, however in such case pump discharge / flow rate is essential.   
5)  Available time for one hydro test approximately.   
6)  Flow rate of the pump, if you know. in lpm or gpm or cu.mtrs per hour etc.   
7)  Will you stop the pump immediately after obtaining desired pressure? Yes/No, if no, why do you want to run the pump under pressure? For how many hours?   
8)  No. of equipments / day to be tested   
9)  Please inform whether you require diesel engine driven system or electric motor driven system?   


PressureJet offers wide range of hydrostatic pressure testing pumps & systems ranging from 3 lpm to 445 lpm and pressure up to 1400 bar.


PressureJet also offers hydro testing systems with pre-filling cum pre-pressurizing cum pressure building system. For large volume of hydro test  combine hydro testing unit is most preferred solution. This hydro pressure test pump is compact, efficient & cost effective, available in different combinations of pressure and flow. The unique automatic hydro test controller is a standard feature of this system. However, automatic hydro test controller can be supplied separately to improve efficiency and avoid operator mistakes.

Questionnaire for hydrostatic test pump