Electric / Diesel Engine Driven Hydro Testing Pump
application image PressureJet offers wide range of hydrostatic pressure testing pumps & systems ranging from 3 lpm to 445 lpm and pressure up to 1400 bar. PressureJet also offers hydro testing systems with pre-filling cum pre-pressurizing cum pressure building system. For large volume of hydro test combine hydro testing unit is most preferred solution. This hydro pressure test pump is compact, efficient & cost effective, available in different combinations of pressure and flow. The unique automatic hydro test controller is a standard feature of this system. However, automatic hydro test controller can be supplied separately to improve efficiency and avoid operator mistakes.
Q.1 : Have you ever used hydrostatic test pump?
Question InfoThis question is very important to let us know your Understanding / knowledge about this product. It is essential for us to open right Communication.
Q.2 : What will be your test pressure / discharge pressure? (Please Specify Pressure Unit)
Question InfoNormally, customer should select 10 to 20% more pressure than requirement. Several times, customer thinks that Higher Pressure Pump may be needed for future application. Based on that, they propose quite high pressure pump, which may be very costly. In some cases, it is otherwise. There are many models, where price may be almost same for different pressure, only motor and other miscellaneous accessories will be changed and total cost impact may be too small (e.g. If you select T2-15-10 model for 2 lpm / 125 kg/sq. cm / 1 hp or if you select 1.6 lpm / 375 kg/sq. cm / 2 hp, there may be hardly 10 to 15% price difference between 125 kg/sq. cm and 375 kg/sq. cm as the model is same.) at the same time, in some cases, little high capacity (flow rate) or pressure, price may be too high.
Q.3 : Please specify, name of equipment, component to be tested.
Question InfoMany a time, this information is sufficient for us to propose right model or to provide references. Your equipment/component may be Valves, Hose, Tube or Pipe, Boiler, Heat Exchanger, Cross Country Pipe Line, Vessel, Reactor etc.
Q.4 : What will be the size of the equipment / volume of the equipment.
Question InfoIf you do not know, please type “Don’t know”, however in such case pump discharge / flow rate is essential. Either flow rate of the pump or size / volume of the Equipment to be informed. Without size/ volume of the equipment, we cannot select right model.
Q.5 : Available time for one hydro test approximately.
Question InfoIt is very important to inform the time available to achieve desired pressure. If more time is available, then low flow, small pump can be selected, which will be a cheaper solution and if less time is available, we shall select high volume high pressure pump to finish hydro test in stipulated time period.
Q.6 : Please specify, Flow rate of the pump, if available
Question InfoIf you have this information, then you can provide straightway to reduce communication. You may also furnish your existing pump detail for better selection.
Q.7 : Will you stop the pump immediately after obtaining your desired pressure?
Question InfoThis is important for us to select the duty condition of the pump. Mostly, user stop the pump once achieves the test pressure. Very rarely in few applications, some leakage is permissible and, in that case, user keeps the pump ON to maintain the test pressure for particular time.
Q.8 : No. of equipment/ day to be tested.
Question InfoThis will help us to select the flow rate as well as duty of the pump.
Q.9 : Please inform us the type of drive required for the pump.
Question InfoPlease, specify driver type. Electric Motor ot Diesel Engine
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