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High pressure hydro blast machine 
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Hydro Blasting Machine
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Hydro Blasting Machine, commonly known as Water Blasting Machine, is a widespread abrasive water discharge operation. As such, it is very successful because of its powerful blasting effect. In most cases, because of its efficiency, hydro Blasting will require only one operator for a given application.


Pressure and Flow both play key roles in  efficient high pressure hydro blast machines, and applications respond differently to each variable. Typically, hardened deposits respond better to higher pressures, and softer materials are best removed with higher flows. Each application is unique, though, and we can help you determine which combination of pressure and flow will work best for you. Aqua blasting is the method, by which a high pressure stream of water (450 bar or more) is used to remove old paint, rust, rubber, chemicals, or other heavy build up without causing damage to the surface below it. This method is perfect for internal and external surfaces because the spray gun operator is able to access those “hard to reach” areas (such as pipelines). Also, because of its strong water spray, the user can keep a safe distance from the surface being cleaned. One of the major differences between high pressure hydro jet cleaning and other cleaning abrasives (such as silica sand, coal or smelter slag, metallic, synthetic, organic nut shells or fruit kernels) is the ability to contain, capture, filter and reuse the water. This eliminates waste water and contaminants after the cleaning.

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