Industrial high pressure pump


High pressure pump

Industrial high pressure pump

Industrial high pressure pump

Industrial high pressure pump

Industrial high pressure water jet pump

Industrial high pressure pump

Industrial high pressure washer pump

Industrial high pressure pump

PressureJet industrial high pressure pumps are positive displacement triplex piston pumps. In a reciprocating pump, a volume of liquid is drawn into the cylinder through the suction valve on the intake stroke and is discharged under positive pressure through the outlet valves on the discharge stroke. Flow rate of pump is directly proportional to its SPM (Strokes per minute). PressureJet triplex reciprocating plunger pumps have three synchronized plungers that discharge liquids at high pressure with minimum pulsation. Our industrial high pressure triplex plunger pumps include both industrial triplex piston and triplex plunger pump designs.

Here, pistons are reciprocated using crankshaft, not cam. The piston pump design with mechanically actuated inlet valves and moving piston cups permit strong suction and pressures up to 100 kg/cm2. The plunger pump design with pre-set packings and concentric ceramic plungers provide high pressures up to 700 kg/cm2 (10,000 psi) and multiple head and drive options. Our extensive range of industrial triplex high pressure reciprocating piston and plunger pumps provides just the most suitable pump as per specific requirement of flow rate & pressure for thousands of tasks including washing, cleaning, water jetting, hydro blasting, hydro testing, hydro jetting, wet sandlasting, splitting, sewer cleaning, transfer, reverse osmosis, descaling, deburring, misting, injecting and dosing. Our industrial triplex reciprocating plunger pumps are operating in harsh seawater desalination systems, reclaim car washing/vehicle cleaning, hydrostatic accumulator charging and multi-station central cleaning systems. Maintenance and production managers specify PressureJet industrial high pressure pumps because they are extremely reliable, efficient, dependable, easy to maintain and provide long life.


High Pressure Pumps for Car Washing ( Vehicle Cleaning )

High pressure car washing pumps, used for cleaning / washing requirements in service stations, are more economical to operate & less expensive in service.

High Pressure Pumps for General Cleaning

High pressure pumps for use of water at high pressure is an effective way for all types of general surface cleaning operations, both underground & over-ground.

High Pressure Pumps for Hydro Test

High pressure hydro test systems are quick, reliable & excellent for testing
High pressure pumps for leakage and integrity of pipes and plumbing as required by local codes.

High Pressure Pumps for Utensil / Kitchen Cleaning

High pressure pumps using water at high pressure is a reliable, faster & cost-effective method for utensil cleaning, in bulk volume, for hotels, canteens & kitchens.

High Pressure Pumps for Tube Cleaning

  High pressure tube cleaning systems can clean hard deposits such as sulfur, bauxite, asphalt & oxides effectively, safely, on time and within budget.

High Pressure Pumps for Tank Cleaning / Vessel Cleaning

  Tanks, reactors and vessels can be cleaned quickly with high pressure waterjets, generally in a fraction of the time & eliminates the need to enter in tank.

High Pressure Pumps for Water Sand Blasting

  Water sand blasting system is used to direct high pressure stream of water against a surface for cleaning /demolition of products made of metal, concrete etc.

High Pressure Pump for R O Plant

 To increase the feed pressure of water, for reverse osmosis process to take place, the use of high pressure pump is most effective & reliable method.

High Pressure Pumps for Paint Removal

The removal of excess paint from the floors, Paint booths & grids, is very critical job. using water jetting for paint removal, will save time and increase productivity.

  High pressure pumps for boiler feed boiler feed pump can be used to supply high pressure feed water to boiler at low flow rate & comparably lower power consumption.

High Pressure Pumps for Surface Preparation

 High pressure water jetting is the environmentally friendly answer to surface preparation problems of various industries with cleaner, safer & faster operation.

High Pressure Pumps for Votator Feeding

  Votator feeding by high pressure plunger pump to supply pressurized liquid at lower flow rate is comparably most reliable, quicker & cost-effective method.

High Pressure Pumps for Sewer Jetting

 Sewer jetting, the process of using high pressure and water to clean a clogged sewer drain line, is very cost-effective practice & nearly effortless task.

High Pressure Pumps for Cleaning after Pickling

  After pickling, to remove the film of pickling acids clinged to surface, high pressure waterjet is fast, cost effective & environmental friendly method.

High Pressure Pumps for Fogging

  To maintain the desired humidity level in ginning of kapas, an advanced fogging system of high pressure waterjet pump can be used reliably.