Reactor vessel tank cleaning system


Tank cleaning system

Reactor vessel tank cleaning system

Tank cleaning machine

Reactor vessel tank cleaning system

Reactor vessel tank cleaning machine

Reactor vessel tank cleaning system

In the production of most chemicals or petrochemicals, the internal surface of reactor vessel tank cleaning system must be cleaned on a regular basis. There is usually a build up of contamination on the reactor walls and on the agitator blade surfaces. This build up results in inefficiencies and also there is a risk of down stream contamination due to debris falling off.

Likewise cleaning of jackets of vessels is as much important as cleaning of reactor vessel tank. If a reactor jacket becomes fouled, a plant can face serious consequences over time. Internal fouling of the jackets in vessels reduces heat transfer efficiencies, increases reaction time and decreases yield by as much as 15%. In addition, this loss of efficiency can lower a plant's profitability due to the production of off-quality product, increased maintenance expense and higher capital costs due to shorter equipment service life.

Reactor vessel tank cleaning result in faster batch runs, lower plant operating costs and less down time due to downstream contamination. To achieve these results, regular tank & vessels cleaning by high pressure water jetting systems is required. Cleaning of reactor by high pressure jet systems improves heat transfer efficiency, resulting in production and efficiency gains ultimately lowering a plants total cost of operation.

Tanks, reactors and totes are quickly cleaned with high pressure water jets, generally in a fraction of the time needed for manual or caustic cleaning. Pressure Jet high pressure water jet reactor vessel tank cleaning systems are friendly to the environment and personnel. Since high pressure water jet cleaning eliminates the need for anyone to enter a tank, meeting the latest confined space standards is no problem at all.


  • Small reaction forces. Therefore, the technique can easily be mechanized and automatized.
  • No gas, vapour or slag formation
  • Minimum vibrations
  • High efficiency
  • Very careful removal of coatings, dirt and contaminations
  • High degree of industrial safety
  • Exclusion of chemical agents
  • No influencing of surface structure or mechanical properties of the parts and materials treated.


No entry systems

  • Safety and effectiveness - it's the PressureJet winning combination. We make several tools for vessel and tank cleaning that reduce operator hazard by eliminating personnel entry into the cleaning area. Now you can clean reactors, separators, heat exchanger heads and any other process vessels without physical entry. Plus these tools are more powerful than hand-held alternatives so they do a better job of cleaning and removing deposits.

Patented hollow shaft travelling cable swivel tool

  • This device slides on a 3/8" stretched cable (not supplied) and is moved along by jet reaction or by using a pulling cable. The rotation is powered by an air motor. It has a versatile 6-port head with varying angles including one that allows the tool to travel by itself. Simply select the ports you want to use and plug the others. It is very much useful for direct fired furnaces, boilers & re-boilers, super heaters & economizer sections, reformers, precipitators & cokers

3-D Tank cleaning tool

  • This tool is designed to meet the most amounts of tank cleaning challenges possible. It can handle pressures from 350-1500 bar by simply changing the manifold and inlet coupling. There are three manifolds capable of handling flows from 60-350 lpm and can be easily interchanged.

Nipple extensions

  • We offer Extension Nipples, Centralizer Cages and Positioning Booms, all designed to get better results from your 3D cleaning tool. Extension Nipples recommended for vessels over 12 ft. in diameter.

Simple booms & telebooms

  • The Simple Boom is an inexpensive and versatile positioner available as a rigid pipe or a flexible hose. The Teleboom features a telescoping reach of up to 19 feet, plus it offers tilt and rotation adjustments. The 3-D Tank cleaning tool can be adapted to fit Teleboom. Easy to set up and to use, it comes in two different lengths.