How to select right hydrostatic testing pump?

How to select right hydrostatic testing pump?

At the out set, please be noted that following parameters are important while selecting a hydrostatic testing pump.


1. Pump flow rate
volume of equipment to be tested
2. Initial pressure from which we start feeding the water.
3. Required pressure for the testing.
4. Time available to carry out one test in minutes / hours. )
5. Frequency of tests. (daily / weekly / monthly)
6. Selection of driver (electric motor, engine etc..)


FLOW RATE : If you have this information, then you can provide straightway to reduce communication.




VOLUME OF THE EQUIPMENT TO BE TESTED : It is our experience that due to lack of knowledge, several times, when customer informs flow rate of the pump, they also consider the filling up volume, which actually should not be considered. For the test of large volume size equipment, flow rate selection is found wrong. Therefore, we suggest you to inform us the volume or size of the equipment to be hydro tested, to select optimum size of high pressure reciprocating plunger pump.You may also furnish your existing pump detail for better selection.


INITIAL PRESSURE FROM WHICH WE START PRESSURISING FOR HYDROTEST: Normally, all large volume hydro test jobs, filling pump is used to fill up the water. There is always some pressure at which pipelines are being filled up. This information is also important to know that how much pressure is to be raised ?


PRESSURE : Normally, customer should select 10 to 20% more pressure than required.Several times, customer thinks that higher pressure pump may be needed for future application. Based on that, they propose quite high pressure also. In such circumstances, you can surf our website thoroughly and select suitable model. There are many models, where price may be almost same for different pressure, only motor and other miscellaneous accessories will be changed and total cost impact may be too small e.g. If you select T2-15-10 model for 2 lpm / 125 kg/cm2/ 1 hp or if you select 1.6 lpm / 375 kg/cm2 / 2 hp, there may be hardly 10 to 15% price difference between 125 kg/cm2 and 375 kg/cm2 as the model is same.


TIME : It is very important to inform the time available to achieve desired pressure. If more time is available, then low flow, smaller pump can be selected, which will be a cheaper solution.


FREQUENCY OF TESTS : To select the duty of the pump, one should inform that how many hydro test is to be carried out? With this information one can decide the right model.


DRIVER : Customer would like to couple electric motor, engine or PTO is an important to decide before model selection.