Automatic pressure controller (APC) for hydrotest

This unit consists of continuous pressure sensing (CPS) device and set pressure regulator (SPR).


The CPS monitors the actual pressure continuously as it is connected with discharge line of the pumping unit. There are two displays in the APC in which pressure can be read. In display one, actual pressure, sensed by the CPS, is being displayed and another display shows the test pressure which will be set thru a set pressure regulator (SPR), by the user.


SPR can be adjusted from 0 to maximum pressure range of APC, that can be anything from 20 bar to 2000 bar, as per customer’s requirement.


FUNCTION : CPS is integrated with SPR. CPS continuously read the actual pressure and SPR Continuously check CPS pressure. There is an electronic circuit which stops electric motor of engine as soon as CPS pressure reaches to SPR pressure, which is set manually, as per the test pressure requirement.


1) Very compact and easy to install.


2) Safe and reliable



3) Saves lots of time of operator who in absence of APC, frequently opens the pressure regulating valve manually as many time hydro test performs and again adjust manually, precisely, slowly up to test pressure. This is very tedious job and time consuming also with the help of APC, one can save 70-80% time with compare to manual process.


4) Very precise


5) There is almost no chance of accident. Where as in manual hydro test, there are chances of increasing. The pressure which    can damage costly equipment.


6) Even a lay man can operate. No skill is required as it requires in manual operation.