Hydro Test Pump Equipment


"Hydro Test Pump" is a diagnostic technique to perform High Pressure Hydro Test of tubes,pipes,hoses,cylinder,Hydro testing of pressure vessels & boilers,High Pressure Hydro Testing of cross country pipe lines, valves, castings, components etc. for leaks or defects. The Hydro test pump equipment is used to check the component to be tested is being filled up with an in-compressible liquid, usually water or oil. With the help of a positive displacement reciprocating plunger pump incorporating appropriate safety relief and controls, the pressure of the test component is slowly increased to a predetermined set point and held for a predetermined time. Visual inspection is subsequently performed to determine whether any leakage exists or the pressure reduces from set pressure point.

PressureJet offers wide range of high pressure hydro test pumps & equipment ranging from 1 lpm to 770 lpm and pressure up to 1400 bar. Hydro Test Pump & Systems is either electric motor driven or engine driven.

Our High Pressure Hydro Test Machine are used of various applications i.e. valve, pipe & tube, tanks, rubber hose, cross country pipe line and many more...

We have variety of pressure test pump, suitable to particular application.