Hydro Blaster


PressureJet manufactures high-pressure water blaster for the pressures ranging from 10K hydro blaster (750 bar) to 20K hydro blaster (1400 bar). This pressure range come across the external surface cleaning requirements of maximum industrial applications.

A profoundly pressurized and focused stream of water originates from a hydro blaster, which includes a high pressure pump and the correct nozzle.

A high pressure stream of water from High pressure water blasteris utilized to remove old paint, rust, rubber, synthetic compounds, chemicals, or other heavy build up without making harm the surface underneath it.


  1. Hydro demolition
  2. Investment casting cleaning
  3. Corrosion removal from pilings
  4. Prep for highway overlay
  5. Paint removal from ships
  6. Concrete surface preparation
  7. Surface preparation
  8. Tank cleaning
  9. Heat exchanger tube cleaning & pipe cleaning
  10. Descaling
  11. Vessel cleaning
  12. Deburring
  13. Oil field cleaning applications Sewer jetting
  14. Ship hull cleaning