10000 psi hydro blaster

10000 psi hydro blaster

Water blaster, commonly known as hydro blaster, is a well-known abrasive water discharge operation. As such, it is exceptionally fruitful as a result of its powerful blasting effect. In most cases, because of its efficiency, High pressure hydro blaster will require just single operator for a given application. PressureJet manufactures high pressure hydro blaster for the pressure range from 10000 psi hydro blaster to 20000 psi hydro blaster.

Flow rate and Pressure both perform essential parts in an efficient high pressure hydro blaster, and applications react distinctively to each variable. Each application is unique, however, and we can assist you to find best combination of pressure and flow which will work best for you.

10000 psi Hydro blaster to 20000 psi hydro blaster consists of bare pump, electric motor and starter, pressure regulating valve, safety valve and pressure gauge. Other accessories include suction hose, delivery hose, foot valve/gun, nozzles, rigid lance and flexible lance.


  1. Hydro demolition
  2. Investment casting cleaning
  3. Corrosion removal from pilings
  4. Prep for highway overlay
  5. Paint removal from ships
  6. Concrete surface preparation
  7. Surface preparation
  8. Tank cleaning
  9. Heat exchanger tube cleaning & pipe cleaning
  10. Descaling
  11. Vessel cleaning
  12. Deburring
  13. Oil field cleaning applications Sewer jetting
  14. Ship hull cleaning

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