20k water blaster

15K Water Blaster

10K Diesel driven Water Blaster

20K Water Blaster
PressureJet’s 15 k water blaster to 20k water blaster includes system packages ranging upto 150 HP. GenerallyPressurejet’s20,000 PSI pumps are used for surface preparation, paint removal, multigun blasting and different other mechanical cleaning applications. Regularly 20,000 PSI is utilized for modern cleaning when 10,000 PSI isn't sufficiently giving cleaning power. Other application for 10 k water blaster to 20 k water blaster are concrete demolition, Power plant cleaning and different other mechanical cleaning applications.

Applications of High Pressure Water Blasting Machine

  1. Investment casting cleaning
  2. Chloride removal from concrete
  3. Corrosion removal from pilings
  4. Historic cobblestone restoration
  5. Marine surface preparation
  6. Paint removal from ships
  7. Concrete surface Vessel cleaning
  8. Kiln Cleaning
  9. Coating removal
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