A system means integration of bare pump, different accessories and other system accessories products like base frame, hoses, different valves, pressure gauge and almost all essential accessories to be fitted, to make a complete module as system, to perform particular task(s) / application(s) with optimum performance and safety.


Complete High Pressure Pumping Systems are called by many names. They can be skid-mounted units, pumping systems, base units, stacked units, pre-packaged systems, aggregates, horizontal pump unit, manufactured system, modular units, pre-assembled pump systems, fabricated systems or multiple pump systems. Our high pressure power units can be powered by electric motor for in-plant installations, a hydraulic motor and your existing truck hydraulics, a gas or diesel engine for portability.


There are hundreds of different systems available on this site, linked with applications, so that user can select a right system for particular application, without any hassle.

Bare Pump

Under this category, only bare shaft pumps are listed. It does not come along with any accessories or system products i.e. pressure gauge, high pressure hose, base frame, security valve, unloader or even suction strainer.


Here, bare pump means high pressure reciprocating plunger pump.


There are different types of plunger pumps available in different types of liquid contact parts i.e. Forged Brass, Forged SS410, SS304, SG Iron etc.. You may to know material of construction and range of different pumps. PressureJet offers pump pressure ranging from 70 bar to 1400 bar, flow rate from 3 lpm to 445 lpm and power upto 180 hp.


To make a complete system, high pressure plunger pump and different items like base frame, high pressure hose, pressure gauge, safety valves, unloader valves, nozzles etc…. are essential to perform perticular task, on case to case basis.. These items are called accessories.


Here, accessories means items which are used to assemble a complete or partial pumping high pressure system which may be used for high pressure water jetting, hydroblasting, hydrostatic test, surface preparation, sewer jetting, tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, pressure washing, fogging, misting, cooling, high pressure injection, high pressure feeding and many other applications.


Unloader valve, safety valves, different types of nozzles, pressure gauge etc… are few of the different accessories.

System Products

To manufacture complete high pressure pumping system for different application like water jet cleaning, hydro blasting equipment, hydrostatic test, fogging, sewer jetting, cooling, reverse osmosis food pump and system. There are some more products are also requires other them accessories and those are electric motor, diesel engine, base frame,…..

Here, such products are displayed under this system product category.