Industry wise applications

It is impossible to guess the imagination of the customer to use high pressure reciprocating plunger pump & system. However, it is our humble efforts to guide our customers and therefore, here, We have linked some of the applications, with particular industry.


It does not mean, at all, that there are the only applications and there are no other applications for the industries listed.


We know the need of our customers very well! In this section, we have listed more than 60 different industries. There are some more different applications for particular industries.


Further, whatever the suitable products information available with us, we have linked those products with particular application and application with industry.


In not shell, if you want to select a product for particular application used in particular industry, you may get it right away. Therefore, this may be a helpful section for a new buyer.


We have also displayed prices of all the products so you can get an idea about pricing, hassle free.

List of applications
In this section we have classified applications in to particular group i.e. cleaning, hydrostatic pressure test, tank cleaning, vehicle cleaning, pipe & tube cleaning, spraying / misting / fogging, injection / feeding / dosing etc...