It is impossible to guess the imagination of the customer to use high pressure waterjet cleaning system. However, it is our humble efforts to guide our customers and therefore, here, We have linked some of the applications, applicable for particular industry.

If does not mean at all that there are the only application and there are no other applications. for the industries listed below.

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Industry Application
Agriculture Agriculture
  •   High Pressure Cleaners

Aircraft And Airports Aircraft And Airports
  •   Surface Preparation

Automobiles Automobiles
  •   Paint removal on aluminium and steel parts
  •   Removal of paint layers from Grates in Paint Shops..

Cement Cement
  •   Cement Truck Cleaning

Chemical Chemical
  •   Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning in Intermediate Plant

Construction & Infrastructure Construction & Infrastructure
  •   Construction Machines (Concrete Pumps)
  •   Earth Moving Equipment Cleaning
  •   Exterior Paint Removal from Building
  •   Hydrostatic pressure test
  •   Ready Mix Truck Cleaning

Food & Eatable Products Food & Eatable Products
  •   Tank & Vessel Cleaning in Brewary

Railway Railway
  •   Heavy Vehicle, Rail & Aircraft Cleaning

Ready Mix Concrete Ready Mix Concrete
  •   Construction Machines (Concrete Pumps)
  •   Earth Moving Equipment Cleaning
  •   Ready Mix Truck Cleaning