Meat Processing Plant

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To meet the daily sanitation inspection of food inspector.



Installation of a centralized cleaning system, by using PressureJet high pressure pump.



  • Dependable service for reduction of costly downtime.
  • Heavy duty continuous flow and pressure.
  • Adaptability to multiple drop stations.
  • Easily serviced.


The food inspector has stringent sanitation requirements for the food industry. Failure to meet these requirements means a costly plant shut-down until the plant meets the test.


In one of the largest meat processing plants, 170,000 kgs of hamburger are processed every day for a single food chain. Any delay in this large production would result in a costly error for both the meat processing plant and the food chain.


In preparation for the daily inspection, the plant is thoroughly washed down daily after processing. Because it is essential to pass this inspection, great emphasis is placed on a dependable and efficient cleaning system. PressureJet Pump runs long life and easy maintenance makes it ideal for the application. PressureJet high pressure pumps supply a continuous flow of water and pressure to strategically placed in the cleaning stations. Down stream from the pumps, the water is heated by a boiler. At 70 bar (71 Kg/cm2 / 1015 psi), this solution of hot water and sanitizer cleans everything: floors, walls, ceilings, conveyors, slotting tables, Trolleys etc. Each morning before start-up, the inspector checks the plant, takes a series of bacteria cultures and gives the “go” or “no go” to start the operation.


95 lpm - 50 bar - 15 hp x 3 nos. 11 nozzles

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