Cleaning Compressor Castings

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Cleaning blind holes drilled and tapped in compressor castings.



Install a high pressure cleaning system to flush metal cuttings etc. from the castings.




  • More efficient cleaning process.
  • Requires less man hours.
  • Reduces water consumption.
  • Eliminates potential production problems.


All metal cuttings, oils and dirt must be removed from castings before assembly. This can be a troublesome and time consuming cleaning process. Casting manufacturing units use a specially designed machine to clean the machined holes completely and efficiently.


The single cylinder casting has many blind holes, and the custom built wash cabinet has equal number of high pressure nozzles precisely located. The castings are placed in the cabinet on two locating pins which assure that all holes are properly aligned with the nozzles. As the door of the unit is closed, it starts a seven-second timed wash cycle. The fluid used to wash the castings is ambient water with approximately 3% rust inhibiting solution. The supply of water and inhibitor is held in the tank below the cabinet. After the wash cycle, the water is collected in a tray and runs back to the storage tank. A grill screen filters the water on its way back to the tank. The supply line to the pump is about two inches above the bottom to avoid drawing trash from the bottom of the tank. The inlet line to the pump has 200 mesh filter as a final assurance no trash gets into the pump.


There is a high pressure solenoid valve in the line connected to the timing-cycle and wired in series with a micro switch on the cabinet door. The micro switch shuts off flows to the cabinet if an operator inadvertently opens the cabinet during a wash cycle. During normal production runs, they might be running either single cylinder units or two cylinder units. A manual valve is used to direct flow to one cabinet or the other.


50-68 lpm - 30 bar 7.5 hp (1/3 litter / nozzles)

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