Seal Gland Flushing

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To extend the seal life in a centrifugal pump, salt water injection application.



Use PressureJet high pressure washer to flush seal areas clean and improve seal life from two to three months without flushing to approximately one year with flushing.



  • Reduces expensive downtime and operating costs.
  • Greatly extends seal life.
  • Small compact design conveniently fits system.
  • Consistent flow and pressure to overcome the 130 bar (132 kg/cm2 / 1885 psi) centrifugal pump operating pressure.


Some oil production sights require the disposal of hundreds of gallons of waste water. In this particular application a large vertical turbine multiple stage centrifugal pumps running at 1590 – 1810 lpm is required to inject the salt water back into the ground.


The oil company experienced a problem with this application which the PressureJet high pressure washer has solved. The centrifugal pump had premature failure of the seal glands due to the abrasive particles in the water being trapped in the seal area. This resulted in costly repairs and downtime. To overcome this situation, they installed a PressureJet high pressure washer to flush the seal area. Since the centrifugal pump was operating near 137 bar (139 kg/cm2 / 1987 psi), they needed a pump capable of continuous duty and overcoming the high pressure. PressureJet high pressure washer satisfied these requirements perfectly.


PressureJet high pressure washer’s compact size allowed it to conveniently fit right into the system. The seal glands are positioned just before the stuffing box to seal off the fluid from the shaft. Salt water and abrasive material in the pumped fluid can attack these seals quickly. PressureJet high pressure washer is capable of injecting high pressure water into the stuffing box to flush any impurities from the seal glands and eliminate costly and troublesome failures.


11-15 lpm - 65 bar - 30 hp

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