Felt and Wire Screen Washer

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Quick Model selection chart of Felt and Wire Screen Washer



To improve the life of paper mill?s felts and wire mesh screens.



Install a high pressure spray cleaning system using a high pressure washer.




  • Longer lasting screens due to regular cleaning.
  • Better paper product due to better moisture removal with clean felts and wire mesh.
  • Convenience of screen and felt cleaning because it is part of the paper process.
  • High pressure washer?s maintenance-free operation reduces paper mill?s downtime.


The paper mills run a rigorous schedule of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, often for 6 to 12 months without any shutdowns. It is important all equipment be in good working order. Because of the continuous duty, maintenance free operation of the high pressure washer, it is ideally suited for these heavy demands. There are several steps in the process of converting wood to paper. Two of these steps involve removing water from the cellulose fiber using wire mesh and felts. Cellulose sticks to both the wire mesh and the felt. Below each is a 10 foot pipe approximately two to three inches in diameter containing up to 24 nozzles. This apparatus oscillates and sprays cold water on the screens and felts to remove trapped particles before returning to receive another application of wet cellulose. Using a high pressure washer for this cleaning increases wire mesh life, reduces downtime and helps assure a quality product.

Quick Model selection chart of Felt and Wire Screen Washer
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