Screen Cleaning

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Improve efficiency and worker safety during the cleaning of printing screens.


Combination of high pressure, high volume water with an enclosed, pneumatic rod less cylinder to carry the spray head in a reciprocating motion, assuring fast, efficient and consistent cleaning while improving worker safety.


  • Improves production between 50% to 65%.
  • Cleans approximately 80 screens in an 8 hour shift.
  • Reduces employee accidents and turnover.
  • Reduces water and chemical consumption.
  • Offers greater cleaning flexibility.


Cleaning printing screens has been an undesirable and somewhat hazardous job.

The old method applied chemicals at low pressure with two diaphragm pumps, and then rinsed with pressure water. This manual method was slow, unsafe and messy and resulted in poor worker moral, high employee turnover and high workman’s compensation claims. Production was at capacity with only 30-40 screens cleaned in an 8 hour shift.


The new method incorporated a special spray head, enclosed the cleaning operation and automated the process to minimize the contact the workers had with the chemicals. Worker safety was considerably improved, worker turnover was reduced and workman’s compensation claims declined.

45 lpm - 120 bar - 15 hp
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