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Less than adequate cleaning job resulted in color runover and caused quality control problems.



New high pressure washer reduced the cleaning time while doing a better job.



  • Cleaning time cut by 70% enabling more production time.
  • Improved quality control with more thorough cleaning and no color run over.
  • Portability and simplicity makes cleaning less tedious a task.
  • Water consumption cut by 90%.


The PressureJet high pressure washer provides a significant savings for something as common as the house hold sponge. This manufacturer was burdened with the tedious task of cleaning vats following a production run of sponges. This cleaning had been done by hand with a garden hose and scrappers and the results were less than adequate. Many valuable working hours were required and large amounts of water were consumed.


With the installation of a PressureJet high pressure washer, they cut their water consumption by 90% and their man power by 70% and removed all traces of the previous color mix from the vat assuring better color control. The new high pressure system has greatly simplified the plant cleaning. Its portability makes it convenient to all 3 floors of operation and all types of equipment. The 10x10x8 mixing vats and mixing arms, transport carts, presses and molds can all be residue free, leaving no color run over to spoil a sponge mix. And personnel are freed for increased production.


Sponge starts out about the consistency of whipped cream and is delivered by conveyor from the mixing tanks to the agitators. The new high pressure system enables a thorough cleaning throughout the plant.


15 lpm - 140 bar

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