Cleaning Mixtures in Ceramic Tiles Plant

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A tile manufacturer requires over 4 hours to clean three 2649 liters mixers yet still could not do an adequate job. It does cost lost of time & man-hours are really wasted to do the job.



Put a PressureJet high pressure washer, in operation cutting cleaning time from 4 hours down to 40 minutes with high pressure.



  • Cleaning time cut by 80% enabling more production time.
  • Product quality-control greatly assisted with more thorough cleaning.
  • Equipment maintenance simplified.
  • Portability and simplicity makes cleaning less tedious a task.


The portable cleaning unit is designed to clean mixers used to grind earth and water to produce clay for ceramic tile. The goal of the wash unit is to do a more efficient cleaning of the mixers. This improved cleaning would improve production time and assure better quality control.


The cleaning time for the mixers can be cut by approximately 80 %. This reduction in cleaning time will significantly improve plant production. In addition to less time and less men required to do the cleaning, a more thorough cleaning can be accomplished eliminating and left over color residue, which might spoil the next tile mix.


With the convenience of the PressureJet high pressure washer, the entire plant can become a target of frequent cleaning, including floors, stairs, catwalks and forklifts. Worker safety will be improved and equipment servicing made more convenient.

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