Battery Cleaning

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To find a more efficient cleaning process of batteries following acid fill.



Install a PressureJet high pressure washer to clean the acid.




  • 64% production will increase.
  • Better cleaning accomplished.
  • Drastic reduction in power, water and manpower consumption.
  • Less space required for new system.


The Old battery cleaning process is not efficient or economical, requiring five men with rubber gloves and acid, thousands of gallons of water and high energy costs to heat the blow dryers. The output is a disappointing 800 batteries per 8 hour shift.


Now consider a high pressure washer in which batteries pass through the cleaning chamber after being filled with acid and tested. They are sprayed with 55 oC so pay water from six specially placed nozzles, rinsed and cool air died. This simple process can increase production to 2000 batteries in an 8 hour shift.


30 lpm - 70 bar 6 nozzles

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