Cleaning of Moulded Plastic Products


To remove oil from large production quantities of molded plastic products.


Installation of PressureJet total washing system using a high pressure washer.


  • A significant time savings over the original hand cleaning method.
  • Provides better removal of oil film from production items than the original hand method.
  • Less costly than the original hand method.


A 3-horsepower electric motor can power a high pressure washer to deliver 14 lpm at 80 bar (81 kg/cm2 / 1160 3psi) to the wash system. An electronically controlled panel will be set up so the operator can select from three different inlet fluids and six different chemicals injected downstream. The plastic parts advance down a conveyor to a small vertical section with six stationary nozzles. This series of specially placed nozzles directs the fluids for cleaning?three clean the inside while three clean the outside of the plastic masks. The system also dries the products upon completion of the wash cycle.