Equipment Cleaning in Mines

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To find a more dependable equipment cleaning system.



Install a low maintenance, dependable, high pressure PressureJet pump.




  • Extended engine life with daily radiator cleaning.
  • Effective and convenient pre maintenace cleaning encourages better preventative maintenance.
  • Clean equipment and surroundings improve job safety.
  • Reduced downtime due to cleaner equipment and preventative maintenance.
  • Less expensive cleaning system operation due to maintenance free PressureJet pump.


For the past three years, the people have been very satisfied with the dependable service and effective job provided by their truck-mounted cleaning system using a PressureJet pump. One of many services provided by this system is cleaning the radiators on their crawler tractors, drag line and front end loaders. Daily cleaning of these radiators is essential to keep them operating properly. When the radiator clogs with coal dust and restricts air flow, overheating results and ultimately contributes to shortened engine life. The system is also used to clean over 100 other major pieces of mining equipment prior to preventative maintenance and service. It is important that coal dust be removed from the equipment because it is easier to repair when the equipment is clean, and therefore results in better maintenance. This cleaning system is an integral part of the mining company?s daily operation. With the PressureJet pump, the service has been dependable and they have eliminated the costly repairs they formerly experienced on previously owned cleaning equipment.


Most mining equipment is-self cleaning, however, high pressure cleaning removes the tougher dirt and grime from the entire piece of equipment and assures the best maintenance results.


On this drag line, high pressure water removes daily accumulations of mud and/or coal

Quick Model selection chart of Equipment Cleaning in Mines
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