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PressureJet high Pressure washers are a type of equipment that is designed to clean a number of different things. A PressureJet high pressure washer surface cleaner is capable of cleaning buildings, concrete road surfaces, commercial vehicles, golf course equipment and much more.


Golf course equipment can often times be very hard to clean especially since golf courses experience such a high influx of foot traffic. Grease, oil, grime, dust and dirt can tend to linger on the golf course equipment much to the dismay of the maintenance employers.


Visitors to a golf course expect not only the course to be impeccable, but they also expect the equipment to be clean. PressureJet high pressure washer is the ideal solution to the cleaning demands of a busy golf course. You should no longer worry about keeping the golf course equipment spotless. PressureJet high pressure washers are a one stop cleaning solution.



The electric pressure washers that can be used to clean golf course equipment have an auto start and stop feature that is perfect for use at a golf course because now there is no longer any need of the operator of the PressureJet high pressure washer forgetting to turn off the pump. If the pump is left on then this can ruin the pump.


All of the PressureJet high pressure washers that can be used to clean golf courts and golf course equipment are assembled and tested. The automatic turn on and off feature automatically begins as soon as you press the spray trigger and once you let go, the spray turns off. This is one of the features that customers praise most about this type of pressure washer.



PressureJet high pressure washer are excellent at efficiently and effectively washing golf carts. There are several different models of high pressure washers to choose from when ordering. One type is the Direct Drive Electric Powered Unit.


The features of the direct drive electric powered unit is the 2 hp electric motor, 100 bar (101 kg/cm2 / 1450 psi) at 9 lpm, the one year warranty on the PressureJet high pressure washer, the auto start and auto stop feature, the thermo-sensor, adjustable pressure, chemical injection, the trigger gun with lance wand, the aircraft grade aluminum frame and direct drive.


There are other models you might want to look into as well. The electric powered unit is a powerful high pressure washer that has 140 bar to 200 bar at 18 lpm, 5 to 10 hp electric motor, triplex plunger pump, auto start and auto stop feature, fifty mesh inlet water filter, a thermo-sensor, dual spring cushioned shock absorbing feet, chemical injection, adjustable pressure, complete control assembly with starter. Trigger gun with lance. wand, direct driven belt drive and much more.


Handle all of you golf cart and golf course equipment cleaning needs. Purchase a PressureJet high pressure washer and see results right away after the first cleaner. PressureJet high pressure washers are the best way to clean golf carts and so much more. Thousands of satisfied customers are not wrong in choosing a PressureJet high pressure washer to handle even the toughest of cleaning applications.


15 lpm - 140 bar - 200 bar 5hp to 7.5 hp

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